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178 Something Happened

“I was injured.

In the back,” the shopkeeper said, pointing to the back of his head.

As the wound was at the back, Madam Wu could not see it when she entered.

Hearing that the shopkeeper was injured, Madam Wu panicked.

She went forward worriedly to check on the shopkeeper.

“Dont worry, Im fine now.

My boss has already treated my wound.

Ive been to the medical center.

The doctor said that the wound was treated very well and theres no problem.

My boss said that I was injured in the shop and contributed to it.

She gave me a small gift.”

However, he did not expect the small gift Ning Yue was talking about to be so expensive.

If he had known, he would not have dared to accept it.

Now that he had accepted it, if he returned it, he was worried that Ning Yue would think that he had a problem with this small gift.

Knowing that her husbands injuries were fine, Madam Wu heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she exclaimed, “Oh my god, if this is a small gift, is there still a bigger gift in this world”

The shopkeeper nodded in agreement.

He was also shocked to see what was inside.

“Anyway, this owner is a good person.

I can barely pay her back in my life.”

Madam Wu looked at the shopkeeper in confusion.

If the owner was a good person, he would just have to work hard.

It was not necessary to pay back fifty taels of silver and jewelry.

Seeing that his wife was suspicious, the shopkeeper did not continue the topic.

“Madam, call Mother over first.

Ive taken a look.

The owner has calculated the number of people in the family.”

“Alright, Ill go now.” Madam Wu walked out happily.

Ning Yue did not know what had happened at the shopkeepers house, let alone what he was thinking.

At this moment, she was on the way back to Laifu Village with Jiang Ying.

The two of them did not choose to take a carriage but rode on horses.

Ning Yue wanted to see the evening scenery.

She had heard that the sunset in ancient times was beautiful without the pollution of modern industries.

They rode two horses and held hands.

The setting sun warmed them both.

When she returned home, Ning Yue realized that many people were standing outside.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Could something have happened at home

Ning Yue immediately dismounted and Jiang Ying hurriedly followed.

Pushing through the crowd, Ning Yue realized that a few large boxes were placed horizontally in the house.

Old Master Ning was sitting in the hall with an ugly expression.

Ning Yue quickly asked, “Grandpa, what happened”

“Ask your Second Aunt what stupid thing she did!” Old Master Ning couldnt speak properly.

Ning Yue was worried that something would happen to him and hurriedly went out to pour a bowl of ancient well water for Old Master Ning to drink.

Only then did his expression soften a little.

At this moment, Ning Yue had time to look at Qin Shi and realized that she was crying silently.

“Second Aunt, what exactly happened”

Hearing Ning Yues question, Qin Shi suddenly hugged Ning Yue and wailed.

“Yueyue, I was wrong.

Please save your sister!”

Sister Ning Yue frowned.

Qin Shi was Second Uncles wife, and their children were Sanlang and Wumei.

“Did something happen to Wumei, Second Aunt”

“Yes, I beg you, save her.

Wumei is only 11 years old.” Qin Shi wailed.

Ning Yue was confused and quickly said, “Second Aunt, dont cry first.

Youre crying and youre not telling me the reason.

How can I save her”

When Qin Shi heard this, she stopped crying, but because she had been crying for too long, she couldnt stop for a while.

She was still sobbing softly, but she was much better than before.

“Yueyue, I saw that your business was getting bigger and bigger, so I wanted to do my best to help you find a collaboration.

In the end, I found the son of a big shot.

I saw that this person was generous, so I planned to cooperate with him.

At first, it was fine selling the oil to him, but I didnt expect that one time when I brought your Wumei to trade with him, he actually took a fancy to her.

This person is a beast! I didnt agree to him, but he insisted on bringing the betrothal gift over.”

Only then did Ning Yue understand that the things outside the door were sent by the son of the big shot Qin Shi had mentioned.

“Second Aunt, who exactly is this big shot youre talking about” Ning Yue asked.

“Lord Governor…” Qin Shis voice trailed off.

Governor Ning Yue frowned even more.

A lord governor was equivalent to a modern-day governor.

This governors reputation was very resounding outside.

As an official, he had to be upright and not greedy.

He had to frequently check on the people.

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