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177 Thank You

“Thank you for your concern.

Here, I also ask everyone to rest assured that our county magistrate will definitely deal with it impartially,” Ning Yue said to them with a smile.

The county magistrate was shocked when he heard Jiang Ying and her name.

The subsequent matters were easy to resolve and deal with.

She didnt actually do anything.

She was just talking and putting on an act.

Hearing Ning Yues words, everyone was stunned at first, then happy.

“So, the county magistrate is a good person”

“Then our shop wont have to worry anymore.”

“Yeah, other than Zhu Yu and Huang Shan, these two scourges, I believe our lives will get better and better.”

“Miss, youre really our great benefactor!”

The whispers around them became louder and louder.

In the end, these people actually said that Ning Yue was a fairy from the heavens who had descended to the mortal world to save them.

Ning Yue could not help but laugh.

These commoners were really cute.

In their opinion, what she did was made her their great benefactor.

This was enough to see how horrible Huang Shan and Zhu Yu were.

“Thank you for your praise.

The county magistrate wants to investigate this matter thoroughly.

My wine shop wont open for business for the time being until the results are out.

Thank you for your support.”

Hearing Ning Yue say that the wine shop would be closed, many people felt that it was a pity.

Of course, some people were happy because of this.

The regretful people liked the wine sold in Ning Yues wine shop.

The people who were happy were the other merchants.

They had seen the operating profits of Ning Yues wine shop.

If they could get the formula, their turnover would double.

Someone in the crowd was looking at Ning Yue.

His eyes darted around, as if he was thinking about how to get the formula from Ning Yue.

When Ning Yue was not paying attention, someone quietly left the crowd.

After Ning Yue and Jiang Ying worked in the wine shop for a while, they gave the shopkeeper a break.

“Shopkeeper, you happen to be injured too.

Stay at home to recuperate during this period of time.

When you recover, this place might also open for business.”

The shopkeeper nodded.

Although the county magistrate had not ordered the sealing of Ning Yues wine shop, the entire case was still under investigation.

In order to avoid suspicion, they had temporarily closed down.

If they opened a wine shop in the limelight, there would be gossip.

She wasnt afraid of trouble.

She was just lazy.

If she could, she would rather be at home with her two children.

“Alright, Boss.

Ill come again when the wine shop opens.” With that, the shopkeeper was about to leave when Ning Yue stopped him.

Ning Yue stuffed a small box into the shopkeepers hand.

“Shopkeeper, this is a small gift.

Please accept it as compensation for your injuries.”

She placed some banknotes and jewelry in the box.

In addition to his wife, the shopkeepers parents and children were at home.

The jewelry was a gift for the shopkeepers family.

In the modern era, if the shopkeeper was injured in the shop, it would be a work injury.

There was even compensation for work injuries.

However, there was no such thing in ancient times, so in order to compensate him, Ning Yue gave him a small gift.

The shopkeeper accepted the box and bowed respectfully to Ning Yue.

“Thank you, Boss.”

He had not worked for Ning Yue for long, but he knew Ning Yues personality very well and was very grateful to her.

“Youre welcome.

Shopkeeper, youre diligent.

These should be given.

Alright, go back.

Otherwise, your family will be worried,” Ning Yue said.

The shopkeeper returned home with the gift Ning Yue had given him.

When he returned home and opened the small box, he was frightened out of his wits.

There were a total of five banknotes worth ten taels each, as well as gold and silver jewelry.

The shopkeeper deliberately counted the amount of jewelry.

It was exactly the amount for his family.

He had his wife, two children, and his parents.

The shopkeepers eyes filled with tears.

He would never be able to repay her in this life.

He owed her too much.

“Husband, whats wrong” When the shopkeepers wife, Madam Wu, walked out, she saw him holding a small box.

Her eyes were red.

“Madam, look, these are all from my boss.” The shopkeeper composed himself and showed the jewelry in the small box to Madam Wu.

Seeing so much jewelry, Madam Wus eyes lit up.

Although their family was not short of money, they did not have much gold and silver jewelry.

Besides, the jewelry inside was so beautiful.

She liked it very much!

“Why did your boss give you so much jewelry What is this Banknotes!” Madam Wu leaned forward and saw five banknotes in the box.

She was stunned.

So much money and so much jewelry!


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