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175 Mistake

Hearing Jiang Yings words, the county magistrate remembered that there was another woman in the court.

He secretly looked at Ning Yue.

He would not have known if he had not seen her, but he was shocked when she saw her.

Wasnt Ning Yue the future heiress

His eyelids twitched violently.

It was over.

It was over.

This time it was really over.

Of all people, Huang Shan actually dared to provoke the future princess consort.

Everyone in Laifu Village knew that the heir of Prince Jin doted on the future heiress.

It had to be known that not only had the current Emperor given Jiang Ying and Ning Yue a marriage, but he had also given them a lot of dowry.

Most importantly…

The emperor specially issued a decree to confer Ning Yue as a princess!

The county magistrate did not know how much Ning Yue had contributed to the battle at the border city.

In his opinion, the emperor had conferred the title of Ning Yue on account of Jiang Ying.

If not for Jiang Ying doting on Ning Yue, how could there be such an appointment

Oh my god! How bold was Huang Shan!

At the thought of this, the county magistrate wanted to die.

What kind of joke was this

No, no, no.

This was not a joke.

This was simply a devastating blow.

The magistrate wished he could faint.

But he didnt dare.

He knew that if he fainted, it would end badly for him.

He had to set an example.

Then, he kowtowed to Jiang Ying and Ning Yue respectively and said to Huang Shan, “Huang Shan, do you think theres a problem with the princesss wine shop”

Princess What princess

Huang Shan shook his head in a daze.

“I didnt say that there was something wrong with Her Highnesss wine shop.”

Was he crazy or stupid How would he dare to talk about the princesss wine shop


A wine shop

Huang Shan came back to his senses and looked at Ning Yue.

Seeing Ning Yues faint smile, he was about to cry.

“Brother-in-law, Her Highness is…” he asked the county magistrate bitterly.

“Bastard!” The county magistrate slapped Huang Shans face again.

“Her Highness is benevolent and has led the Laifu village to glory.

That wine shop is the same as the princesss oil press.

They both operate for the people.

How dare you, how dare you…”

The county magistrate trembled with anger.

He didnt know how to scold him anymore.

Now, he didnt expect Jiang Ying and Ning Yue to forgive Huang Shan.

He only hoped that he wouldnt be implicated by Huang Shan.

“Magistrate, dont you think its funny that youre acting like this This man calls you brother-in-law.

I dont believe you dont know what he usually does.”

As Ning Yue said this, Jiang Ying stood up and walked to her side.

The county magistrate wanted to cry.

He knew that his brother-in-law was not good, but no matter how bad he was, he was still his brother-in-law.

After he married his wife, his brother-in-law also moved into their residence.

It was just that this brother-in-law was ignorant and incompetent.

He did not say anything for his wifes sake.

After a few years, his wife really couldnt stand Huang Shans idle appearance and begged him to give him a position.

He originally wanted to ignore him.

After all, how could anyone be willing to use someone like Huang Shan!

In the end, he couldnt refuse his wifes request and gave Huang Shan a position as a constable.

Usually, he heard about Huang Shan staying with the hooligans.

He had even warned Huang Shan to restrain himself.

Although Huang Shan agreed verbally, he did not take action.

The county magistrate had no choice but to secretly pay attention to Huang Shan.

If he associated with the hooligans, he would definitely kill them.

However, those who went to monitor him said that Huang Shan was only drinking with the hooligans and did not do anything out of line.

The county magistrate was relieved.

As long as Huang Shan did not do anything illegal, he would not say anything.

He did not expect Huang Shan to cause him trouble this time.

“Your Highness, I really dont know, but no matter what, Huang Shan is my brother-in-law and works under me.

As his brother-in-law, I should bear the responsibility for his mistakes.”

“Your Highness, please listen to me.” The county magistrate kowtowed heavily to Ning Yue.

“Your Highness, in the end, this matter is the fault of this person called Zhu Yu, but my brother-in-law colluded with this person.

Hes also in the wrong.

I dont know how many crimes they have committed.

Princess, please investigate.

I was negligent in disciplining them.

Princess, please punish me.”

Hearing the county magistrates words, Ning Yues expression softened a lot.

This county magistrate could tell right from wrong.


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