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171 Looking for Trouble

“What do you mean, wait until youre done Are you trying to stall us That wont do.

Ill be the first to disagree!” Zhu Yu shouted.

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding crowd began to whisper again.

This person was really impatient.

Ning Yue said loudly again, “Everyone, be quiet! Ive just asked someone to invite the county magistrate.

Well judge when he comes.”

Hearing Ning Yue say that she had invited the county magistrate over, Zhu Yus expression instantly relaxed.

He looked smug.

“Youre right.

The magistrate will stand up for us!”

“Miss, these people are village tyrants from the neighboring village.

Its not worth offending them.”

“Yes, just pay some money.

Dont lose yourself.”

“Thats right, girl.

Listen to me.”

Some enthusiastic villagers around Ning Yue comforted her.

They were also kind and had no ill intentions.

Ning Yue smiled at them and said, “Thank you for your kindness, everyone.

Such people are arrogant.

This is definitely not the first shop they invaded.

If I dont do anything, how many shops will be harmed”

Ning Yues words moved everyone present.

“Miss, youre really a good person!”

“What a commendable girl!”

The surrounding comments were one-sided.

Ning Yue was very satisfied with the current situation.

No matter what, she had to deal with this matter first.

Otherwise, what if she encountered such a situation again in the future when the shop expanded This evil situation could not be encouraged.

Soon, someone came from the county magistrates side.

Perhaps it was because the county magistrate was not at home, but the person he brought was actually a constable.

When that person saw the constable, a smile immediately appeared on his face, making Ning Yue have goosebumps.

This person looked at the constable as if he was looking at his own father.

It seemed that this person was related to this constable.

Ning Yue looked at Jiang Ying with a questioning gaze.

She wanted to know if Jiang Ying had sent someone to invite the county magistrate.

Jiang Ying frowned deeply.

He didnt know what was going on either.

He had clearly asked someone to invite the county magistrate over.

Why wasnt the person here the county magistrate

Jiang Ying looked around but did not see the people he had sent.

What happened

“What happened” the constable asked.

“Brother Huang, youre here! I came to this shop to buy wine and planned to cook some side dishes and drink some wine with my brothers tonight to bond.

I didnt expect this wine shop to cause my brothers to die! Brother Huang, you have to stand up for me!”

As Zhu Yu spoke, he suddenly burst into tears.

He looked extremely aggrieved.

Huang Shan, who Zhu Yu called Big Brother Huang, was a constable in the county office.

His square face looked upright.

Hearing Zhu Yus words, his expression immediately changed.

“Hmph! Whos in charge of this shop”

Ning Yue frowned tightly.

This person looked for the person in charge without asking.

It seemed that he had ill intentions.

She quietly sized up Huang Shan and Zhu Yu and said, “Im the owner of this wine shop.

What do you think, Constable”

“Your wine killed people.

Now what are you going to do about it” the constable asked.

How should she deal with it Ning Yue smiled.

In the current situation, she was already certain that this constable was completely in cahoots with Zhu Yu.

He had come here to denounce her.

Ning Yue took a deep breath and said loudly, “You said that this person died after drinking the wine in my wine shop.

I wonder if Your Excellency has any evidence”

“Evidence You have the nerve to ask me for evidence” The constable laughed.

Then, he pointed at the corpse on the ground and said to Ning Yue, “Isnt this evidence Do you still want to deny it”

“How long has this person been dead Whats the cause of death We dont even know.

Sir, do you want to casually accuse me without asking for the evidence” Ning Yue sneered.

The constable frowned.

Clearly, he had never met anyone like Ning Yue.

Usually, as long as he snorted, those people would admit defeat.

After all, he was a constable in the county office.

“The evidence is conclusive.

Do you still want to deny it Do you want to come back to the government office with me” the constable said loudly.

Usually, there might be one or two people who were not afraid of him, but every time he mentioned the government office, those people would be afraid.

He looked at Ning Yue proudly and stared at the expression on her face.

He wanted to see Ning Yue look afraid when she heard him mention the government office.


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