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Saving A Life

Even though there was a shortage of food, Ning Bai had still agreed to wait for Ning Yue and the others for three days.

It could be seen that this village chief was really a good person.

Now that his son was in trouble and he had no food to give him, he could only beg Old Master Ning.

“Second Master Ning, please save my son.

Ning Tian cant take it anymore.

The others dont have any extra food at home.

If your family has any, lend me some!”

As the village chief, Ning Bai knelt on the ground without dignity and wept.

“Chief, you cant do that!” Old Master Ning was shocked by his kneel.

Ning Dalang and Third Brother Ning quickly helped him up.

Ning Yue could not bear to see Ning Bai so anxious and helpless.

After all, he had taken a huge risk to wait for her and Ning Guang.

Moreover, she had so many supplies.

It was unreasonable to leave him in the lurch.

At this moment, Old Master Ning glanced at everyone.

This was not something he could decide alone.

In this era, half a steamed bun was more precious than gold.

At this moment, Eldest Brother Ning said, “Father, lets go take a look!”

Ning Bai was a little younger than him, and the two of them were familiar with each other.

Furthermore, they were related by blood, so he was also sympathetic.

Third Brother Ning also said, “If we can help, we should.

Dont you think so”

Just four hours ago, he had almost died, too.

He was worried about how his two sons and his wife were going to live.

It was the same for Ning Tian now.

He was facing a life and death separation from his wife and children.

The others had no objections, but in the end, Old Master Ning still let Ning Yue make the decision.

After all, she was the one who brought back the food and water.

“Village Chief, dont waste time.

Lets go and see Uncle Ning Tian!” Ning Yue urged without any nonsense.

Ning Bai was stunned for a moment before he was overjoyed.

He quickly brought Ning Yue and Old Master Ning to his son.

Ning Bais family of six surrounded Ning Tian.

Ning Tian was a tall man in the modern era, but because of severe malnutrition, he was skinny.

Ning Yue checked his condition.

Seeing how professional Ning Yue was, Madam He couldnt help but ask, “Yueyue, do you know medicine”

“I learned a little when I was in the Generals residence.

When I was young, I also learned a little from watching Grandma treat people.

I dont know much.” Ning Yue already had a certain understanding of Ning Tians condition.

She gave the seat to Old Madam Ning and said, “Grandma, come and check on Uncle Ning Tian again.

Ill go get food.”

Old Madam Ning could be considered a barefoot doctor when she was young.

Now that she was old, she had not treated anyone for a long time.

However, the situation was critical now.

She couldnt care less and quickly went to check on Ning Tian.

On the other side, Ning Yue went to the cart where the supplies were stored.

She took the opportunity when there were fewer people noticing her to get a bowl of glucose from the space.

Glucose looked like water, so she wasnt afraid of being discovered.

She took a few more dry biscuits and a water bag before returning to Ning Tian.

“Ning Tian is the same as my third son.

Theyre both hungry!” Old Madam Ning sighed.

A good man was starved to death just like that.

What a sin!

“Village Chief, quickly give this bowl of water to Heavenly Uncle Ning and let him eat something.” Ning Yue handed the bowl of glucose to Ning Bai.

Ning Bai looked at the big bowl of water and immediately swallowed his saliva.

Actually, his mouth was already dry.

However, saving his son was the most important thing.

Ning Bai held the bowl of water and carefully poured it down Ning Tians throat.

Ning Yue squatted at the side and looked for an opportunity to press the acupuncture points on his hand.

Drinking glucose water alone would not wake him up so quickly, but with the stimulation from Ning Yues acupuncture points, Ning Tian quickly woke up.

He smacked his lips and tasted something very sweet in his mouth.

Then, after seeing the people around him clearly, he asked hoarsely, “Father, Mother, whats wrong with me My mouth is so sweet.”

“Its sweet because I added a little sugar and nothing else,” Ning Yue quickly explained.

Ning Bai did not expect Ning Yue to be so kind.

He did not know why Old Master Ning wanted Ning Yue to make the decision, but now he was sincerely grateful to her.

“You almost starved to death.

Yueyue saved you.

Our family owes her our lives!” Ning Bai was excited.

Ning Tians mother and wife also thanked Ning Yues family.

Old Master Ning waved his hand repeatedly.

“Saving a life is a virtue.

Now that everyone cant even protect themselves, we can only hope to find a good place as soon as possible so that everyone can survive.”

“Dont worry, everyone.

Even if I die, I will bring everyone out of this damn place!” Ning Bai swore.

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