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168 How Are You

It was already the third day since Yuan Hui went to Laifu Village.

After Jiang Ying reported the matter of the medicinal makeup to the Crown Prince, the Crown Prince was also extremely happy.

“Brother, I knew you would have a way! I can already foresee the future of the business opportunity youre talking about.”

If not for the sake of his image, the crown prince would definitely be dancing with medicinal makeup.

Looking at the crown prince, Jiang Ying couldnt help but shake his head.

The two brothers continued to talk about the effects of the medicinal makeup and the source.

The crown princes face fell.

He was a little indignant.

Why couldnt Ning Yue give him the formula

“Cant you give me the prescription Cant you reveal some of the ingredients” the crown prince asked Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying spread his hands and told the crown prince helplessly, “Im not in charge of the family.

Yueyue can do whatever she wants.”

The crown prince was speechless.

Jiang Ying was probably the only person who could make his wife-fearing sound so refreshing and refined.

“Im telling you, Im your brother! The purchase price cant be too high!” the crown prince said.

If he had the formula, he could think of a way to lower the cost, but Ning Yue only gave him the finished product.

That meant that she wanted to earn a sum of money.

He could not do anything about the cost.

“You dont want it Then give it back to me.” As he spoke, Jiang Ying deliberately wanted to snatch the medicinal makeup from the crown princes hand.

The crown prince protected the medicinal makeup in his arms.

“No, no!”

Alright, so be it.

He would think of a way to create a gimmick and sell it to those noble ladies at a high price.

If he sold it well, he would make a huge profit.

Jiang Ying looked at the motivated Crown Prince and smiled.

“Brother Crown Prince, remember to leave some of these snacks for uncle Emperor.

The matter has been partially resolved.

The day after tomorrow, someone will send ten carriages of medicinal makeup over.

Brother Crown Prince, please check and accept them.”

“Alright, how about this Ill add a congratulatory gift in my own name.

Congratulations on your wedding with Miss Ning Yue.” The crown prince was happy.

With a wave of his hand, he added a congratulatory gift.

“Brother Crown Prince, I have something to tell you.” Jiang Ying suddenly became serious.

He told the crown prince about meeting the Dragon Scale secret guard in Laifu Village.

The crown prince nodded.

He had almost forgotten about this.

“Let the Dragon Scale secret guard go,” the crown prince said.

“Father told me why they appeared in Laifu Village.”

Let the Dragon Scale Secret Guard go Jiang Ying was a little unwilling.

Why did he let him go It was the Dragon Scale Secret Guard.

If he caught him, he could ask him how he was trained.

It was said that the dragon scale secret guards of Russia could fight a thousand people alone.

They were well-trained.

If they became an army, they would be a huge combat force!

Seeing Jiang Yings unwilling expression, the Crown Prince said, “Ask Ning Yue if she wants to see the Emperor of Russia.

It seems that the Emperor of Russia really wants to see her.”

“No!” Jiang Ying interrupted the crown prince angrily.

He had yet to confirm Yuan Huis motive for looking for Ning Yue.

It was impossible for him to risk Ning Yue.

“Alright, I know you dote on your wife.

Go back.” The crown prince waved his hand.

Hearing that the crown prince was asking him to go back, Jiang Ying was overjoyed.

After bidding farewell to the crown prince, he returned to Prince Jins residence to eat something before rushing back to Laifu Village.

Knowing that Jiang Ying had returned to Laifu Village, the crown prince was speechless and angry.

He had asked Jiang Ying to return to Prince Jins residence in the capital.

Why had Jiang Ying returned to Laifu Village

He wanted to ask someone to call Jiang Ying back, but on second thought, forget it.

He had no special reason.

After returning to Laifu Village, the first thing Jiang Ying did was look for Ning Yue.

“Why are you back” Ning Yue looked at Jiang Ying in shock.

Come to think of it, the journey from Laifu Village to the capital was three days.

He would return to Laifu Village on the sixth day.

Didnt that mean he returned after reaching the capital

Then what was the point of him going to the capital

“I have something to tell you.” Jiang Ying couldnt care less and pulled Ning Yue towards the study.

The Ning family looked at their backs, hand in hand, in satisfaction.

“What a good relationship,” Madam He said.

“Isnt that so Ill be relieved if Yueyue marries him,” Old Master Ning said.

The empress dowager and Xin Xin were teasing the two children.

When they heard the Ning familys evaluation, they looked at each other with comfort in their eyes.

As elders, they all hoped that the children would be fine and the family would be happy.

Ning Yue and Jiang Ying had no idea that their actions were seen by the elders.

When they arrived at the study, Jiang Ying asked Ning Yue nervously, “Yueyue, how have you been recently”

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