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167 No Way

Yuan Hui suddenly became very excited when he heard the crown princes words.

He opened his mouth to ask something, but before he could say anything, he cried.

The Crown Prince was shocked by Yuan Huis reaction.

He thought of ten thousand ways to deal with Yuan Huis anger, but he did not expect Yuan Hui to cry directly.

The crown prince looked at Jiang Ying pitifully, meaning to say, “Why dont you do it”

Jiang Ying frowned tightly.

He cried after eating Ning Yues food.

What was Yuan Hui doing

Yuan Hui did not know anything about their thoughts.

He took a deep breath and composed himself before asking, “Prince of Great Yun, who made this snack”

Faced with Yuan Huis serious question, Jiang Yings heart skipped a beat.

He observed Yuan Huis expression without batting an eyelid and saw that there was only eagerness and desire on his face.

Why did he want to know who made this thing so badly

“Forgive me for asking, but are you asking who made this snack Is it very important to you” Jiang Ying asked.

This concerned Ning Yues safety.

He could not be careless!

Originally, it was considered disrespectful for him to ask Yuan Hui directly.

The emperor of a country was talking to the crown prince of a country.

What was a crown prince to him However, he couldnt care less.

He only wanted to know what the emperor of Russia wanted to do.

Obviously, Yuan Hui did not want to punish him.

Instead, he explained patiently, “I had the chance to eat this before.

I searched for a long time but could not find it, so I wanted to ask who made it.

I want to make a visit.”

Jiang Ying frowned even more when he heard Yuan Huis words.

He was sure that Yuan Hui was not telling the truth.

However, before he could guarantee Ning Yues safety, he could not tell anyone about her.

Jiang Ying fell silent.

The Crown Prince glanced at Jiang Ying and said to Yuan Hui, “Im really sorry.

Forgive me for not being able to tell you, because I dont know who did it either.

Ill definitely tell you after I investigate!”

Yuan Hui sized up the two brothers.

Each of them was better at acting than the other.

They clearly knew who made this thing, but they refused to tell him.

However, since he had already said so, he could not flare up on the spot.

If he was not careful, it would cause a war between the two countries.

He came to discuss jointly resisting the enemy, not to create a war.

Yuan Hui frowned.

This matter was tricky.

Forget it.

He would investigate slowly.

Since he already knew that this person was related to the crown prince, he had a direction to investigate.

“In that case, Ill take my leave first.

If the Crown Prince has a lead, send someone to tell me.” Yuan Hui nodded slightly, giving the Crown Prince enough respect.

Although the crown prince supervised the country, he was still the crown prince after all.

He was not on equal footing with the emperor of a country.

After Yuan Hui left, Baili asked impatiently, “Emperor, these two people are lying.

Why dont you make them tell the truth”

Yuan Hui glanced at Baili indifferently.

“Could it be that you have a way”

“I…” Baili wanted to say that he would get someone to torture them, but on second thought, the Crown Prince and Jiang Ying were both from the Great Yun Nation.

They had no right to do so.

“We already have a direction to investigate.

Besides, I think that Jiang Ying is suspicious.

Investigate carefully.”

“Whats suspicious about him” Baili asked.

Recalling how Jiang Ying had spoken and done things just now, he did not seem to have any doubts.

Yuan Hui sighed and shook his head.

“Youre the Dragon Scale Secret Guard.

Why cant you tell”

Baili lowered his head and did not speak.

He was a secret guard and did as the emperor and the crown prince instructed.

He did not need judgment.

“Who am I” Yuan Hui asked.

“You are the emperor,” Baili replied honestly.

“Yes, Im the emperor.

Im talking to the crown prince of a country, but he actually interrupted.

Hes not the emperor of the Great Yun Nation,” Yuan Hui said.

It turned out that he didnt seem to care just now, but he was paying attention in his heart.

Not long after their conversation, Jiang Ying found out.

He knew that he was impulsive, but for Ning Yue, he was not afraid.

If Yuan Hui wanted to harm Ning Yue, then he would protect her.

With Yuan Huis guidance, Bailis investigation became much smoother.

Jiang Ying was also an heir of a prince, so it was very easy to investigate his matter.

Therefore, Baili quickly found that the source was Laifu Village.

He excitedly reported the results to Yuan Hui, who immediately set off to Laifu Village happily.

As expected, his intuition was right!

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