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164 Reason

“Prince, what happened” the county magistrate, Yang Yi, asked Jiang Ying nervously.

On the way, he planned to ask the person who came to make the report to the officials, but that person did not say anything.

He only told him that he could ask the heir when he arrived.

He kept his mouth shut, but he was uneasy.

Jiang Ying briefly explained the matter.

Yang Yi frowned.

He was a little distant from the Yang family.

He knew very well about Yang Lings family and how much Yang Guang valued his nephew.

He did not pity the mother and son.

Look, the person who had committed the crime was still pretending to be stupid.

Yang Ling thought that he was very smart, but he did not know that everyone had seen through his thoughts.

“I wonder what Your Highness wants me to do” Yang Yi accidentally said the question in his heart.

However, after saying that, he regretted it.

What did he mean by what the heir of Prince Jin wanted to do Wasnt this obvious that he was an official who was afraid of power No, no.

Not only would this drag the heir of Prince Jin down, but he would also be stigmatized.

He couldnt do this.

“Hehe, Lord Yang, if you cant memorize the laws of our Great Yun Nation, I advise you to change the black hat on your head.”

Hearing Jiang Yings words, Yang Yi instantly panicked.

He almost knelt down like Yang Ling.

He coughed lightly and ordered someone to take Yang Ling away.

Yang Ling was in despair.

He finally came back to his senses and kept kowtowing to Ning Yue and Jiang Ying.

“Please let me go.

I know I was wrong.

I wont do it again.”

Ning Yue sighed.

“I reminded you that its even more impossible for me to let you off easily just because you called me princess consort.

Lord Yang, take him away.” With that, Ning Yue sighed wearily.

Wasnt this person educated She had already reminded him time and again that he couldnt call her princess consort before they got married.

At most, he could say that she was a prospective heiress.

Why couldnt he understand Or did he do it on purpose

Ning Yue frowned.

Who was Yang Ling He had taken the Elementary Scholar examination.

How could he not understand what she was saying

Ning Yue had a guess in her heart.

Yang Ling had probably called her the princess consort on purpose today.

However, she had no grudge with Yang Ling.

Why would he do this

Was he being used

Soon, Yang Ling was taken away, and his mother, Madam Li, fainted in the oil press.

What happened today cast a shadow over the people of the oil press.

What was going on

Old Master Ning had learned his lesson.

This matter of managing the accounts had to be done by someone he trusted, such as his family.

Back then, Ning Yue had mentioned that the brewery needed one person to manage the silver and the accounts.

Why hadnt he been sober back then Why hadnt he thought that the oil press needed this

Thinking of this, Old Master Ning felt extremely guilty.

“Grandpa, lets go back together,” Ning Yue said to Old Master Ning.

After what happened today, Jiang Ying did not tell Ning Yue about the capital anymore.

He sighed and planned to tell Ning Yue before leaving tomorrow.

On this day, when she returned and told her family what had happened at the oil press, Madam He was the first to get angry.

“I know that Yang Ling.

Hes not a good person.

Every time a girl walks in front of him, he stares at her!”

“Yes!” Madam Qu echoed.

“And I think he has a strange temper.

If we talk to him, hell think that we like him.”

“Thats right.” Qin Shi chimed in.

“You dont know, but I dont dare to go to the oil press every time.

Fortunately, Yueyues winery is about to open.

Im busy with the winery.

Otherwise, I really wouldnt know what to do about the oil press.”

“Anyway, I dont like that child.

He looks shifty and keeps staring at everyone,” Madam Qu said.

Hearing their words, Ning Yue frowned tightly.

“Mother and Aunts, why havent I heard you say these things”

“This is just some gossip.

Its not a big deal.

We dont want to keep criticizing others.

It was just brought up today,” Madam He said to her.

Wasnt that right Wasnt it nonsense to say that there was a problem with others without evidence

If they said the wrong thing, wouldnt they give others a chance to knock on their door

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