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Chapter 162: Beg

Yang Ling did not understand.

In the past, he had done the same thing.

There was no problem.

His mother said that as long as the accounts were even, he did not have to care too much.

He had done it so many times without being discovered, so he also thought that as long as the number was the same, there would be no problem.

But why was it different with the princess consort

He opened his mouth to say something, but Ning Yue spoke first.

“Firstly, although the emperor has bestowed a marriage, Im only the future princess consort.

You cant call me the princess consort directly!”

“I…” Yang Ling wanted to explain, but he was interrupted by Ning Yue again.

“Also, theres something wrong with this accounting.

Do you think I cant see it How much do the peanuts weigh Look at how much money is written on it yourself.

Im doing this to work with a noble to benefit the people.

Arent you afraid of death”

“I didnt! I was wronged!” Yang Ling rolled his eyes and immediately cried out.

This was what his mother had taught him to say to the shopkeeper.

His mother had said that as long as he shouted for justice, the shopkeeper would let it go.

“Ill write what the market sells.

Theres also a record of the amount I bought.

Is there a problem with this” Yang Ling braced himself and said.

He believed what his mother said.

As long as the numbers were even, he was not afraid!

“Yang Ling, peanuts are only 35 copper coins a cattery.

The price here is almost one tael of silver a catty.

Do you really think we dont know anything”

Ning Yue was very angry, but Yang Ling still felt that it was nothing and it was just a small sum of money.

Even if his mothers method was useless, it still meant nothing to him.

“You really wont shed tears until you see the coffin!” Ning Yue said coldly.

“Let me tell you, its true that the emperor bestowed a marriage between me and Prince Jin, but were not married yet.

Why are you still calling me princess consort In addition, I cooperated with the nobles to start the oil press business and benefit the people.

You actually used this to fill your own pockets.”

“Both of your crimes involve contempt of the imperial power.

Not only will you be beheaded, but your entire family will also be executed.

Yang Ling, oh Yang Ling, youre about to die, but youre still not telling the truth.

Do you want me to report it to the officials”

Hearing Ning Yue mention reporting to the officials, Yang Ling was afraid.

He was just greedy for a little silver.

How did it reach the point of reporting it to the officials

He slumped to the ground and shook his head as if he had gone crazy.

“I dont want my family killed.

I definitely dont want my family killed!”

Ning Yue frowned.

Why was this person still pretending He would piss his pants if he was frightened.

Seeing this, Old Master Ning couldnt help but say, “Yueyue, dont scare people.”

“Grandpa, Im telling the truth.

You can calculate for yourself.

For 35 copper coins a catty of peanuts, if he writes it down as one tael of silver a catty, the 100 catties will cost 100 taels of silver.

How much silver did he embezzle Grandpa, have you ever thought about the silver which was lost”

This was also not about the silver.

There was something wrong with his values.

He was a thief for taking away the silver without asking.

That was a sin.

Hearing Ning Yues words, Old Master Nings expression darkened.

Thats right.

Yang Ling was greedy for a lot of money.

This was not something he could decide alone.

Looking at the angry gazes around him, Old Master Ning knew that he had to give everyone an explanation today.

Wasnt this money the cost of the oil room

At the thought of this, Old Master Ning said to Ning Yue, “Yueyue, report it to the officials.

We cant make the decision on this matter anymore.”

Ning Yue nodded and looked at Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying immediately sent someone to report to the officials.

It was unknown if Yang Ling was really stupid or pretending, but he kept shaking his head and muttering.

In the end, Yang Guang heard the commotion and rushed over.

When he saw his nephew sitting on the ground, he shook his head like a fool and could not help but ask.

A few enthusiastic villagers immediately went forward and told him what had happened.

After knowing what had happened, Yang Guang poked Yang Lings head with a pained expression.

“What did you learn from your mother If you learn her shrewdness, what will Uncle do How will Uncle save you” Yang Guang cried.

But even so, Yang Ling looked stupid.

Seeing him like this, Yang Guang knelt on the ground towards Ning Yue.

“Yueyue, please let him go.

Hes my only nephew.

His parents arent well either.


Yang Guang kowtowed as he spoke.

He only wanted his nephew to be safe.

He could lose money and do anything to compensate.

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