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Chapter 160: Oil Mill

Looking at Jiang Ying, Ning Yue shook her head speechlessly.

He had the same expression as the eunuch who left with a pile of jars.

It was already five days later when he returned to the palace happily.

Previously, as he had the imperial edict with him, he had forced himself to travel for ten days.

Seeing the chief eunuch, the emperor asked, “Wheres the good stuff”

The eunuch pursed his lips.

The emperor only cared about souvenirs and not what he was doing.

Was he done with his tasks

However, the chief eunuch only dared to mutter in his heart.

He did not dare to say it out loud.

He brought two earthen jars to the emperor.

“Your Highness, try them.”

The emperor looked at the inconspicuous earthen jar in front of him and thought it was nothing much.

He picked the snacks up and ate them casually.

His eyes lit up.

“Why are there so few” the emperor asked.

“Oh, Emperor, this thing was made by the future heiress.

There wasnt much to begin with.

The heiress even ordered me to bring some for the empress and the crown prince.

I only have a small bag myself.”

As he spoke, the eunuch took something wrapped in oil paper and handed it to the emperor.

The emperor took it without looking.

“Alright, go down and receive your reward,” the emperor said to the eunuch.

The chief eunuch wanted to cry but had no tears.

Fortunately, he was smart and pretended well.

Otherwise, he would have given everything to the emperor.

The emperor ate the snacks wrapped in oil paper by the eunuch in satisfaction.

As for the snacks Ning Yue had given him in clay pots, he planned to save them for later.

This thing was so delicious.

By the way, he had just heard that Ning Yue wanted to give some to the Empress and the Crown Prince.

Hehe, wasnt the Empresss items his

At the thought of this, he immediately got up and went to the empresss palace.

In any case, the crown prince was in charge of the country now, so he did not have that much work to do.

When he arrived at the Empresss palace, he saw Jiang Chi eating delicious snacks.

His smile froze.

“Why is Xiaochi here” the emperor asked.

“Xiaochi just finished school and came to my place to play.

Coincidentally, I have these snacks.

If Xiaochi wants to eat them, Ill give them to him.” After all, the empress had been married to the emperor for so many years.

She could tell what the emperor was thinking.

The emperor was speechless.

How could he not understand what the empress meant If a child wanted to eat it, so be it.

As a grandfather, would he really want to snatch his grandsons snacks

“Why did you suddenly come” the empress asked.

“I heard that Xiaochi was coming over, so I came to take a look.” The emperor did not dare to tell the truth and could only use Xiaochi as an excuse.

“Xiaochi is quite obedient,” the empress said to the emperor with a smile.

Seeing that the empresss snacks had been given to Xiaochi, the emperor left without saying anything else.

Life was so miserable.

He went to the Crown Princes Eastern Palace and chatted with him for a while before leaving.

Originally, the emperor did not want to leave so quickly, but the crown prince was busy with other matters.

How could he have the time to talk to the emperor He immediately cried to the emperor about Ning Yues dowry.

As soon as the crown prince cried, the emperor quickly found an excuse to leave.

He was despised everywhere he went.

He suddenly felt old.

Hed better tend to his flowers and plants.

Just as he was about to leave, he was attracted by a special envelope on the table.

He took a closer look.

Wasnt that the envelope Yuan Hui had specially used

So was the wax seal.

Only Yuan Hui used the old lotus wax seal.

He should run in case he was involved in something new again.

However, after he left, the Crown Prince finished reading the letter.

Yuan Hui suddenly returned and said that he wanted to enter the palace to meet the emperor.

The crown prince had no choice but to find the emperor again.

Unfortunately, the emperor had run far away and asked someone to leave a message for the crown prince.

He went to the courtyard outside the palace to recuperate for a while and asked the crown prince not to disturb him.

The Crown Prince had no choice but to order someone to invite the Prime Minister and the Grand Tutor over for a meeting.

In the end, the crown prince decided to invite Jiang Ying, who was in Laifu Village, over.

It was three days later when he saw the crown princes letter.

Jiang Ying was speechless.

The crown princes letters came one after another without stopping.

He was almost tired of them.

At the end of the letter, he mentioned that he wanted him to enter the capital quickly.

He had originally wanted to stay for a few more days before sending someone to the capital to reply to the crown prince about earning money.

When this letter arrived, he had no choice but to set off immediately.

He went to look for Ning Yue again.

Ning Yue was about to go to the oil press to take a look.

The oil press had officially started work in the past few days.

The oil had been squeezed out.

She wanted to see the finished product.

“Ill go with you,” Jiang Ying said.

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