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Although Third Brother Ning was still a little curious about what Ning Yue had done for him to receive such a generous reward, he did not ask further.

All he knew was that without Ning Yue, he would already be dead.

Third Brother Ning did not ask further, which made Ning Yue a little glad.

These family members were all good-hearted people, and they were very united in their lack of suspicion of one another.

Otherwise, she would have to deal with all kinds of questions constantly.

It would be easy to find problems.

She calculated what she should do to make use of the spaces supplies along the way.

She could help everyone without being discovered.

The procession continued on its way.

Everyone wanted to walk faster, but as the hot sun overhead grew hotter, it felt like a large steamer was being pulled over their heads.

The heat enveloped the barren land.

Everyones stamina was quickly exhausted.

They sweated all the way.

They lost a lot of water, but they couldnt replenish it.

It made everyone thirsty.

Seeing that everyones expressions were getting worse, Ning Yue stopped the team and said to Old Master Ning, “Grandpa, stop and drink some water.

Sprinkle some salt in the water to quench your thirst.”

Actually, it was because salt water could quickly replenish the lost salt in the body.

However, Old Master Ning was very hesitant.

If so many people drank some, the stored water would be exhausted very quickly.

Moreover, everyone had endured it as much as they could previously.

If they really couldnt help it, they would take two small sips to save water.

No one knew when the next time they would replenish their water source would be.

How could he have known that his granddaughter had an unlimited supply of tap water and sweet well water He had the overall consequences to consider.

Old Master Ning looked at his exhausted relatives with a sad expression on his face, especially those children.

They were all emaciated and their eyes were listless.

They were the future of the Ning family!

“All children, drink some water.

Adults, bear with it!” Grandfather Ning relented, but only children were allowed to drink water.

None of the adults complained.

Everyone had children, and they willingly saved water and food for their own.

Eldest Brother Ning and his wife, Madam Qu, carried a water bag and a small cup.

They sprinkled salt into the water bag and shook it evenly before pouring a cup for the children in line to drink.

Ning Yue looked at their tired and thirsty eyes and their dry lips, but they insisted on not wasting water.

She felt a little uncomfortable.

“Grandpa, let everyone drink some and eat something to replenish our strength.

If this continues, we wont be able to survive before we collapse!” Ning Yue suggested again.

She could not bear to see any of them starve or die of thirst!

Old Master Ning looked into Ning Yues eyes.

For some reason, he felt that those eyes were filled with convincing power!

Ning Dalang was already a teenager.

After his father poured him a glass of water, he raised it to his fathers lips and gave it to him to drink.

This scene comforted and pained Old Master Ning.

“Listen to Yueyue.

You were the one who brought back the water and food.

Well listen to you!” Old Master Ning made up his mind.

He waved his bony hand, and the others began to drink water and eat to replenish their strength.

This was a rare happy time of the day.

Ning Yue handed the water bag to Ning Guang.

“Father, drink some too.”

“Yueyue is so good.

Im thirsty.

I want water!” Ning Guang happily took the water bag, but he was sensible enough to only take two or three sips.

He quickly handed the water bag to Madam He.

“Wife, drink water too!”

Madam He took it with a smile and tightened the lid after two sips.

All four of her children had drank the water, even Xiaobao and Xiaobei.

After this rest, everyone felt much better.

It was as if even the scorching sun above their heads had dimmed a little.

However, there was joy and sadness at the same time.

The momentary joy brought about the rapid consumption of food and water.

Old Master Ning and his sons felt a heavy weight in their hearts.

After walking for a while, someone became restless again.

This time, it was not Ning Yues family who was in trouble, but the eldest son of the village chief, Ning Tian.

The village chief, Ning Bai, and his family were in a much more serious situation than Ning Yues family members.

Their food shortage was already very serious, and Ning Tian was about to faint from hunger.

His situation was not really the same as Third Brother Nings.

Third Brother Nings body was weak to begin with, so he could not endure it.

As for Ning Tian, he was in his prime and was not sick or ill.

He was purely starving to death because he had nothing to eat.

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