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Chapter 159: Snacks

Ning Yue and the Ning family knelt at the front.

The others from the Ning Family Village and the people from Laifu Village also knelt on the ground.

After the imperial decree was read, everyone was stunned.

They bestowed Ning Yue to Prince Jins son, Jiang Ying!

The heir of King Jin

Then wouldnt Ning Yue be the heiress in the future If they thought deeper, she would be the future princess consort!

They finally understood that those two children were the children of the heir of Prince Jin and were definitely the future princes! That man who often came to the Ning family was actually the famous heir of Prince Jin!

Oh my god, they were actually in the same village with such a powerful figure!

After the eunuch finished reading the imperial edict, he handed it to Ning Yue with a smile.

“Miss Ning, Im here on the emperors orders to see the Empress Dowager.”

“Please, Eunuch.

Its been hard on you all the way here.

Please have a cup of hot tea inside,” Ning Yue said to the eunuch.

“Its said that the future heiress is beautiful and kind.

In my opinion, youre simply a goddess from the sky!” The eunuch specially chose pleasant words for Ning Yue.

Ning Yue kept a smile on her face.

The empress dowager and Xin Xin were sitting in the hall.

After the eunuch bowed to the two of them, he handed the things the emperor had asked him to hand over to the empress dowager.

“Empress Dowager, the Emperor said that he would only be at ease if this thing was handed to you,” the chief eunuch said.

Ning Yue glanced at the wooden box containing her items.

She couldnt see what was inside, but she saw the empress dowagers expression change when she held it in her hand.

However, it had nothing to do with her, and it wasnt her place to ask, so she didnt pay much attention.

Ning Yue entered the house and placed the imperial edict in her space.

After all, what if she lost it outside

In this era of imperial power, losing an imperial edict would be a loss of life.

After Ning Yue came out, the eunuch was still sitting on the chair and waiting for her with a smile.

When the eunuch saw Ning Yue come out, he immediately welcomed her with a smile.

“Princess Consort, its like this.

The emperor said that if you have anything interesting here, hell bring some back to relieve his boredom.

Recently, the crown prince has been supervising the country.

After the emperor stopped approving the memorials, life became more and more boring,” the eunuch whispered into Ning Yues ear.

Ning Yue was speechless, but after thinking for a moment, she still got a few packets of spicy strips, spicy fish, and some braised food from her space and placed them in a jar.

Other than the emperors portion, Ning Yue also specially prepared items for the empress and the crown prince.

Of course, there were also the eunuchs portion.

There were also some things that she did not say to anyone and only handed them to the eunuch to distribute.

Seeing that Ning Yue was so obedient, the eunuchs smile deepened.

“Oh, Ive really made you spend so much money.”

Although he said that she was spending money, he was not idle.

As if he was afraid that Ning Yue would regret it, he asked someone to quickly put the things away.

After taking a pile of things from Ning Yue, the eunuch left.

“Yueyue, what did you ask him to take back I smelled it from afar.” The empress dowager and Xin Xin suddenly appeared behind Ning Yue, startling her.

What did she mean by smelling it from afar Was it just ordinary braised food It wasnt made on the spot.

There was no fragrance that could be smelled from afar.

But on second thought, this was just the empress dowagers excuse.

She understood what the empress dowager meant.

She told them to wait for her, then ran back to her room and filled the space with snacks in a jar.

This time she added fried peanuts, corn and so on.

These things lit up the empress dowagers eyes.

She picked up the jar and began to eat.

Xin Xin couldnt help but shake her head at the empress dowagers appearance, but her hands werent slow as she tasted some snacks too.

She wouldnt know if she didnt eat them, but she was shocked when she ate them.

Xin Xin fell in love with these snacks at the first bite.

The two of them were so focused on eating that they forgot that it was almost time to eat dinner.

Seeing that they were eating happily, Ning Yue was quite happy.

These snacks could be mass-produced, but that was for later.

She had to take it one step at a time.

She had a lot to do now.

She had to make wine, squeeze oil, and sell medicinal makeup.

She had to do these three things first before thinking about anything else.

“Yueyue, Ive never eaten these things before.” Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yue innocently.

Ning Yue was speechless.

She resigned herself to fate and took out another earthen jar from her room and handed it to Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying took the jar and put it away happily.

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