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Chapter 158: Nice People

When Jiang Ying said this, Old Master Ning was much more relieved.

“Alright, Ill get someone to clean up the two guest rooms,” Old Master Ning said.

He was especially glad that when he was building the house, he had listened to Ning Yue and made the guest rooms bigger.

Otherwise, he would have to consider which room to vacate tonight.

Looking at Old Master Nings busy figure, Jiang Ying suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at” Ning Yue asked.

“I just feel at home in your house.

My parents are away all year round.

I often live alone in Prince Jins residence or in the Laifu Village.

Its rarely such a warm atmosphere.”

Even if Jiang Huan and Xin Xin returned from the border, he would mostly be in the capital attending palace banquets in the palace, or eating with the empress dowager, emperor, and crown prince in the palace.

Eating in such an atmosphere was a little homely, but it could not compare to the warmth of Ning Yues house.

“Then you can feel it often in the future.” Ning Yue was saying that Jiang Ying could come to the Ning family often.

Jiang Ying thought that Ning Yue was inviting him to come often, and his heart felt as sweet as honey.

“By the way, the emperors imperial decree should arrive tomorrow,” Jiang Ying said.

Under normal circumstances, in order not to dirty the imperial decree and protect its integrity, the honor guard of the imperial decree would be slower.

But no matter how slow he was, he would probably reach by tomorrow.

“Tomorrow” Already Ning Yue frowned.

“Whos here to announce the edict”

“He should be the eunuch beside uncle emperor,” Jiang Ying said.

“The emperor values this betrothal so much” Ning Yue said.

“Of course.

Dont you know who is marrying such a wife.” Jiang Ying was halfway through his sentence with a proud expression when he saw Ning Yue glancing at him.

He quickly changed his words.

“Dont you know who is marrying such an outstanding wife.”

Ning Yue laughed out loud.

“Why are you so serious I was just saying.”

The two of them continued to talk about medicinal makeup.

Soon, it was evening.

The empress dowager and Xin Xin came to the Ning family with their bags and two children.

“Father! Mother!” When the two little fellows saw Ning Yue and Jiang Ying, they rushed forward happily and asked for a hug.

Ning Yue and Jiang Ying each picked up a child.

“Xiaobao and Xiaobei, did you listen to Grandma and Great-grandmother” Jiang Ying asked.

“Hey, listen to this.

The children are the most obedient.

If theres nothing, dont keep interrogating them like prisoners.

The children are hungry.

Hurry up and give them food,” the empress dowager said unhappily.

Were the children hungry, or was the empress dowager hungry herself Jiang Ying looked at the empress dowager speechlessly.

When Ning Yue heard this, she consciously put down the children and went to the kitchen with Madam He.

After a while, the mother and daughter were done cooking.

The entire family, including the empress dowager and Xin Xin, ate happily.

During the dinner, the empress dowager mentioned the imperial edict to Old Master Ning.

When Old Master Ning heard this, he immediately instructed the Ning family to clean up the house.

In order not to let the villagers offend the eunuch who will announce the decree, the old man specially got someone to inform Ning Bai and the village chief of Laifu Village.

When they heard that the imperial decree was coming, the entire village was stunned.

Other than Ning Bai, no one knew that it was a betrothal.

Early the next morning, Ning Bai came to the Ning familys house early and asked Old Master Ning about the imperial edict.

“Second Master, when will this imperial edict come Im so anxious.”

“Whats the hurry Its not for you.

Look at you!” Old Master Ning said angrily.

“Oh, Second Master, Ive never seen such an awesome scene in my life.

Thats an imperial edict issued by the current emperor.

Ive never seen what an imperial edict looks like.

I have to thank Second Master for giving us a chance to see the world,” Ning Bai said with a smile.

He was very happy for Ning Yue.

He knew that Ning Yue had been betrothed, but he did not know who Ning Yue was married to.

“Second Master, who does the emperor plan to marry Yueyue to” Ning Bai asked.

“Youve seen him before.

Hes Jiang Ying, the one who always comes to our house,” Old Master Ning said.

Other than the Ning family, no one knew Jiang Yings identity.

Ning Bai thought that Jiang Ying was a child of an ordinary noble family.

“Oh, you mean him He looks alright.

Hell treat Yueyue well after marriage, right” Ning Bai asked.

“Of course.

If hes not good, I wont agree to this marriage even if I die,” Old Master Ning said.

While Ning Bai was still asking in detail, the imperial edict arrived.

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