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Chapter 157: Staying in the Ning Family

However, no matter how much she explained, it was not as intuitive as direct comparison.

It was easier for Jiang Ying to experience what the changes were rather than telling him slowly so she simply did it.

Ning Yue picked up food for the empress dowager and Xin Xin.

“Grandmother, Auntie, try the two flavors of this dish.”

According to the order in which Ning Yue picked up the food, they ate dishes without chili powder first, then with chili powder.

“Wow! Its so delicious! Whats this taste Its so spicy,” Xin Xin said happily.

The empress dowager did not say anything.

She was lowering her head and eating.

The two children were already used to eating it in the Ning family, so they did not eat quickly.

Although Jiang Ying could often eat the Ning familys food, this was the first time he had eaten spicy food.

It was really delicious!

Other than Ning Yue, almost everyone was eating.

In the end, Jiang Ying wanted to pick up another piece of meat with chili, but the empress dowager slapped him.

“Why are you eating so much You have to lose weight.

Otherwise, you wont be able to wear the grooms outfit.”

Jiang Ying stared at the empress dowager in shock, his hand frozen in midair.

For a bite of food, his Imperial Grandmother actually went against her conscience and said that he had gained weight! Wasnt his figure the gold standard

Looking at the empress dowager, Ning Yue couldnt help but laugh.

“Grandmother is so cute.”

“Can cuteness be eaten” Xin Xin muttered softly.

“Cuteness cant be eaten, but it can stop you from eating.” As she spoke, the empress dowager pulled the food in front of Xin Xin towards her.

Looking at the food in front of the empress dowager, Xin Xin finally put down her chopsticks.

She was already full, but she was greedy and ate a few more pieces of meat.

Since the empress dowager liked it so much, she would give it to the empress dowager.

“Grandmother, eat slowly.

Ill cook more before I go back in the afternoon,” Ning Yue said.

“Really” The empress dowagers eyes lit up.

“And tomorrow” she asked again.

The Empress Dowager knew how to push her luck.

She couldnt come here every day to cook.

She had things to do.

“Empress Dowager, why dont you come to my house when its time to eat” Ning Yue suggested.

“Oh, how troublesome!” said the empress dowager.

Ning Yue was about to say that it was not troublesome, but the empress dowagers next words made her unable to refute.

“Its too troublesome to walk around.

Why dont Xin Xin and I stay at your house directly” The empress dowager slapped her thigh and decided.

Ning Yue looked at the empress dowager in shock.


It was not impossible for the empress dowager and Xin Xin to live there, but was that okay Ning Yue secretly glanced at Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying lowered his head as if he did not hear her.

Ning Yue was speechless.

This fellow would push the problem to her at the critical moment.

“Alright, Ill go back and pack immediately.” Ning Yue was about to bring the children back when the empress dowager stopped her.

“Were going to stay at your place anyway.

Well take care of the children.

You can go back first.”

It seemed that the empress doted on her two great-grandsons to the bone.

“Then Ill go back and tell Grandpa first,” Ning Yue said as she stood up to leave.

Jiang Ying stopped her.

“Ill go with you.

Ill get Uncle Su to send Grandmother and Mother over later.”

No matter what, he still had to tell Old Master Ning.

“Alright.” Ning Yue said goodbye to the empress dowager and Xin Xin before returning to the Ning family.

When he found out that the current empress dowager and Princess Jin were going to stay in the Ning family, Old Master Nings eyes widened.

It was one thing to meet the empress dowager and interact with her, but it was another thing to let the empress dowager stay at his home.

“Then…” He wanted to refuse, but on second thought, that was the current empress dowager.

She had already decided to move in.

What could he do

“Grandpa, dont worry.

Imperial Grandmother came here to hide her identity.

Everyone can just treat her as an ordinary old woman.

If she minds, she wouldnt have come to Laifu Village.”

Hearing Jiang Yings words, Old Master Ning felt that it made sense.

“What about your mother What does she like What do we have to pay attention to in front of her” Old Master Ning asked.

That was Ning Yues future mother-in-law.

They had to serve her well.

Otherwise, Ning Yue would be miserable if she married over.

Hearing the old mans words, Ning Yues heart warmed.

“Grandpa, my mother doesnt have any special hobbies.

She usually reads novels and farms.

Theres no need to take special care of her,” Jiang Ying said with a smile.

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