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Chapter 156: Condiments

Ning Yue laughed out loud.

“I know these things dont taste good.

I just let you try a little.

I didnt let you finish them all at once.

How about this Ill get you something to eat.

Wait for me.” As she spoke, Ning Yue went to the kitchen.

After chasing away the servants in the kitchen, Ning Yue poured the ancient well water in the space into a large basin and placed the oil paper bag on the cutting table.

She casually took a piece of meat, a killed chicken, mutton, and some side dishes.

She would make two servings of each dish so that they could be compared.

Halfway through, Jiang Ying arrived.

It turned out that the servants thought that their cooking was not good and made Ning Yue unhappy.

All of them were very flustered and this was reported to Jiang Ying by Uncle Su.

“Its fine.

Just tell them that Ning Yue wants to cook for me.” Jiang Ying grinned when he said this.

His smile looked silly and stupid, making Uncle Sus eyelids twitch.

The prince was indulgent again!

When he arrived at the kitchen, he saw Ning Yue displaying her skills in the kitchen.

The fragrance of the food and Ning Yues busy figure made him feel very comforted.

This was probably the ordinary life of a couple.

As Ning Yue cooked, she felt like she was being stared at.

She turned around and saw Jiang Ying smiling foolishly.

“What are you doing” It was creepy to stare at her and smile like that.


I came to see if you needed help.” Jiang Ying put away the smile on his face, but he couldnt hide the smile in his eyes.

“Yes, come over and help me wash the vegetables.” Ning Yue pointed at the vegetables on the table.

She prepared meat and vegetables.

Jiang Ying entered the kitchen and skillfully handled the vegetables according to Ning Yues instructions.

Uncle Su stood not far from the kitchen.

He smiled in relief when he saw the two of them working together and chatting from time to time.

It seemed that their heir and future heiress had a good relationship.

With Uncle Su “checking” outside, the servants at home could not help but follow.

Immediately after, Xin Xin and the empress dowager also realized that something was wrong at home.

They brought the children out to take a look and realized that there was a group of people surrounding the kitchen.

When they looked again, she realized that Jiang Ying and Ning Yue were busy in the kitchen.

Just like that, when the two of them were done and were about to ask someone to serve the dishes, they realized that the kitchen was surrounded by people.

“What are you doing” Jiang Yings expression instantly darkened.

Did everyone see how he flirted with his wife just now

“I was hungry and wanted to come to the kitchen to see what there was to eat.

I didnt expect you to be here,” the empress dowager said with a smile.

Jiang Ying was speechless.

The empress dowager had to look at the occasion when she lied.

She didnt have to come to the kitchen personally when she was hungry.

Forget it.

It was already like this.

“Why are you still standing there Hurry up and take out the vegetables here.” Jiang Ying pointed at the servants and ordered them.

“It smells so good!” The servant who came to serve the dishes smelled this fragrance and was tempted.

He almost couldnt help but steal a bite.

“Okay, I made a lot of it.

In addition to whats on the plate, theres more in the pot.

You can try it if you want.

Remember to tell me how it tastes when youre done.”

Hearing Ning Yues words, the servants were overjoyed.

“Thank you, future princess consort!”

“Thank you, future mistress!”

There was a second and third voice of thanks.

Ning Yue was speechless.

What kind of title was this Future mistress, future princess consort…

Forget it.

She wouldnt argue with them.

The dishes were served.

Ning Yue, Jiang Ying, the empress dowager, Xin Xin, and the two children all sat down.

“Yueyue, your food smells so good!” The empress dowager stared at the dishes on the plate and kept swallowing.

“This is a seasoning I accidentally discovered.

I want to try using it to cook and see how it tastes,” Ning Yue said.

In ancient times, there was only soy sauce and coarse salt.

The taste was relatively monotonous.

She had long wanted to start a seasoning business, but she had never had the time.

Ning Yue gave Jiang Ying the seasonings.

The red ones were chili powder, the white ones were fine salt, the black ones were black pepper, the gray ones were white pepper, and the yellow ones were chicken essence.

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