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Chapter 155: Medicinal Makeup

“Is the crown prince looking for you because he doesnt have money” Ning Yue asked.

“I…” Jiang Ying was embarrassed.

He didnt know how to tell Ning Yue.

He had no money and subconsciously came to discuss it with Ning Yue.

When he was short of money, his situation slowly improved after meeting Ning Yue.

Originally, men should be responsible for earning money so that women could stay at home in peace.

However, Ning Yue was not such a person.

She would not stay at home to take care of her husband and children like ordinary women.

“I know what you want to say.” With that, Ning Yue pretended to take out a box of medicinal makeup from her pocket.

The medicinal makeup itself was wrapped in an exquisite retro box made of wood, so she didnt put anything else in it.

“Take a look.” Ning Yue handed the medicinal makeup to Jiang Ying.

As soon as Jiang Ying opened it, he smelled a pleasant fragrance.

“What is this I think I smell flowers and medicine.”

“I call this thing medicinal makeup.

When I entered the palace to treat the illness, I planned to start a medicinal makeup business in the capital, but because of time constraints, I didnt do it.”

As she spoke, Ning Yue put on some medicinal makeup and wiped it evenly on the back of Jiang Yings hand.

“Look, how does it feel”

“It feels good.

This stuff is very moist.” He had seen the makeup his mother used.

It was inferior compared to this.

When she applied the cosmetics to her face, one could see small particles if one looked closely.

This thing could not be seen with a casual glance.

It was also very moist.

Women would probably like it.

“Human skin is divided into dry and oily parts.

For example, the kind that is very rough to the touch or even peeling is dry skin.

The kind that has a layer of oil on it is oily skin.

Not only can this thing nourish the skin, but it can also relieve the oiliness.

Be it dry or oily skin, its very suitable,” Ning Yue said.

Jiang Ying nodded.

Although he did not quite understand dryness and oiliness, if Ning Yue said it was good stuff, it was good stuff.

Ning Yues taste was never wrong.

“Are you planning to sell it in the capital” Jiang Ying asked.

“No, I plan to work with the crown prince.

Ill make it and the crown prince will sell it.

I believe this thing will be of higher value through the crown prince.”

In the past, she felt that letting Jiang Ying sell it would be more valuable, but now that she thought about it, the position of Crown Prince was more suitable.

“But Brother Crown Prince doesnt know how to do business.” Jiang Ying wasnt thinking about whether the Crown Prince knew how to do it and whether it was suitable.

“Thats very simple.

Well sell the finished product to the crown prince at a low price.

You can help the crown prince set the price.

Theres no need for the crown prince to personally come forward.

Just find someone who knows how to sell it.”

“Think about it.

Just say that it was done by Divine Doctor Gu and used the Crown Prince to market it.

Those people will buy it due to the Crown Princes influence.”

“After using it once or twice, theyll know the benefits of this thing.

Then, without us saying anything, people will naturally help promote it.”

Thinking about how she could earn a lot of money, Ning Yue felt especially happy.

“What do you think” Ning Yue asked him.

Although this thing could not earn money immediately, if it was sold for a long time, the profits would be considerable.

“How much is appropriate” Jiang Ying asked.

He didnt know much about what women used and couldnt price it according to the market.

“The cost of this thing is very high to begin with.

If I want to sell it to the crown prince, it will cost at least ten taels of silver a box.

You can consider the rest yourselves,” Ning Yue said.

They would decide the price themselves.

She would not participate in so much.

“Its too singular to only sell this thing,” Jiang Ying said.

“Also, look at this.” Ning Yue took out a few more oil paper bags.

“Try it.”

Jiang Ying opened more oil paper bags and placed them on the table in a row.

They were all powdery things.

One red, one black, one gray, one pure white, and one yellow.

“What are these” Jiang asked.

He could already smell a delicious scent from these things.

“You can try some,” Ning Yue said.

Jiang Ying poured packets into his mouth.

Every time he ate a packet, his expression changed.

When he ate the red powder, he couldnt help but pour tea and drink it continuously.

Jiang Yings reaction made Ning Yue laugh.

“Youre too cute.

I asked you to taste it, but I didnt ask you finish it.”

Did he misunderstand Ning Yue

“This doesnt taste good,” Jiang Ying said as he breathed.

It was too spicy, too salty, and too difficult to swallow.


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