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Chapter 154: No Money

“Its true that Chen San is our family member, but we definitely dont dare to betray the country like him.

Everything he does has nothing to do with us.

Hes an independent entity.

How can we be punished together with him”

“Well know if youre related after we capture you and interrogate you.” Jiang Ying waved his hand with a cold expression.

The guards took them away.

When this group of people left, they were still cursing.

Not only did they scold Jiang Ying, but they also scolded Old Master Ning for leaving them in the lurch.

Seeing this, Old Master Ning sighed.

“Was Chen San framed, or was that really the case”

When Jiang Ying heard Old Master Nings question, he quickly explained the matter.

So it was about the border city.

Old Master Ning did not understand what had happened, but he had already confirmed from Jiang Yings words that Chen San was a bad person.

He sighed again.

Ning Yue frowned.

She knew about the war in the border city.

At that time, she said that there must be a spy in the border city.

She did not expect this spy to be from the Chen Family Village.

What she did not expect was that the people from the Chen Family Village would actually come to beg Old Master Ning for help.

Ning Yue briefly told him about the escape route.

When he heard that this group of people ate people, Jiang Ying immediately revealed a disgusted expression.

“Why did they come to beg Grandpa” Jiang Ying asked Ning Yue.

“I dont know what theyre thinking.

They said that we live in Laifu Village because we have a backer, so they tried our best to ask Grandpa for help.

Since the emperor didnt kill them, what are they afraid of Isnt it fine as long as theyre alive” Ning Yue asked.

“If only it were that simple.

The emperor meant that although he wouldnt kill them, he would exile them to the bitter cold border, so…”

They had escaped the wilderness.

So what if they were at the bitter cold border It was good to be alive.

Old Master Ning sighed repeatedly.

“When I interacted with these people, I felt that they were not good people.

I didnt expect their family to have a traitor.

What should we do with them now” Old Master Ning asked.

“If they had been obediently exiled, they would have been fine.

But now that they came here to cause trouble, I definitely wont let them have it easy.”

If this group of people were kind-hearted villagers, he would not say anything.

However, they actually ate people.

He could not forgive such a cruel tribe.

After Jiang Ying explained his thoughts, Old Master Ning did not say anything else.

He only waved at Jiang Ying and said, “This is your Imperial Courts business.”

He was tired of hearing so much.

“Sigh, I wont get involved in your affairs.

Ill go to the oil press first.”

Looking at Old Master Nings back, Ning Yue couldnt help but sigh.

Although Old Master Ning did not ask, Ning Yue could feel that he was uncomfortable.

That group of people ate people, and they even ate living people.

Just now, Old Master Ning had said something about helping each other on the way to escape.

These words embarrassed Old Master Ning.

“Yueyue, I want to look for you for something.

Can you come east with me” Jiang Ying asked.

“Alright,” Ning Yue said to Madam He and brought the two children over.

The empress dowager and Xin Xin were still living in the east.

She could bring the two children to look for them.

Seeing the two children, the empress dowager and Xin Xin couldnt stop smiling.

They immediately took out the toys they had recently bought for the two children.

“Grandmother and Mother, Yueyue and I will go to the study to talk about something.

You guys play with the children,” Jiang Ying said.

“Go, go, go! Dont be an eyesore in front of us.” The empress dowager waved her hand impatiently.

Jiang Ying rubbed his nose awkwardly.

Why did he feel that he was the one being despised

He turned to Ning Yue and said, “Lets go.”

The two of them arrived at the study.

Jiang Ying handed the letter from the crown prince to Ning Yue.

“I received this in the morning.

Brother Crown Prince seems to be very troubled,” Jiang Ying said.

Ning Yue opened it and took a look.

The letter said that the emperor wanted the crown prince to supervise the country.

The crown princes grand tutor and prime minister would assist him, which meant… “Your Majesty wants to abdicate his position” Ning Yue asked.

It was indeed time for him to abdicate his position and recuperate.

If he continued to endure it, he would not be able to tolerate it soon.

“He didnt say it explicitly.

He only said to let Brother Crown Prince govern the country, but I guess thats what he meant,” Jiang Ying said.

“But what does the crown prince mean by looking for you because he doesnt have money” Ning Yue asked.

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