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Chapter 151: Summon

Ning Feng and Jiang Ying reported the battle at the border city at the same time.

The emperor felt that Ning Yue was a useful person.

If he could take her in for his own use, he was very willing to do so.

“The imperial decree is already on its way.

The empress and I meant to issue the decree to set the date first and then give the betrothal gift a few days before the wedding.

It would be grand.”

Jiang Huan couldnt help but laugh when he heard the emperor mention the betrothal gift.

You were the one who mentioned it!

“About the betrothal gift, Mother said that Prince Jin will pay 200,000 taels.

Mother will pay 50,000 taels.

The remaining 750,000 taels will be paid by you.”

Hearing Jiang Huans words, the emperors smile immediately collapsed.

“Why do I have to pay seven hundred and fifty thousand taels” the emperor asked.

“Jiang Ying is the heir.

His wedding should be handled according to the Regional Kings standards.

The emperor naturally has to pay for the betrothal gifts,” Jiang Huan said.

He actually couldnt refute this reason.

“But the treasury has been empty recently.

A lot of pensions have been given.

Its—” The emperor didnt finish the sentence.

Tears were already welling in his eyes.

When Jiang Huan heard this, he immediately knew what the emperor meant.

“Thats right.

Although the losses in the battle at the border city are not great, so many people have died.

The compensation cant be small.”

In the beginning, the emperor thought that Jiang Huan understood him.

Just as he was about to smile, he heard Jiang Huan say that the compensation could not be less.

He thought that something was wrong.

He wanted to interrupt Jiang Huan, but Jiang Huan did not give him a chance.

“My Prince Jins Estate has also contributed a lot to those compensation funds.

Its fine if my son is married to a commoner, but my son is married to a princess conferred by the emperor.

The standard of a princess and county kings wedding is one million taels of gold.”

“It doesnt make sense for the emperor not to cpmtronite.

My family and Mother are already helping Emperor Brother by paying.

Emperor Brother, dont tell me you wont even pay 750,000 taels of silver You have to know that according to the rules, you should be the one paying.”

The more the emperor listened, the more he felt that something was wrong.

He kept opening his mouth to interrupt, but he could not find an opportunity.

“We sympathize with our emperor brother so much, but he doesnt give a damn.

Ah! My two poor grandchildren.

Theyre still part of the royal family and have been wandering outside since they were young.

It wasnt easy for them to find them, but they cant enter the family tree.

How can I let those two children down” Jiang Huan became sadder and sadder as he spoke.

In the end, he wailed.

He was crying his heart out.

As long as Jiang Ying and Ning Yue did not get married, the two children would not be able to enter the family tree.

Jiang Ying was certain that besides, Ning Yue would not marry another woman.

Wont Prince Jin have no heir then

Seeing Jiang Huan, a prince who had fought on the battlefield, cry like this, the emperors heart softened a lot.

In the end, he said with difficulty, “Ill think of a way.”

Only then did Jiang Huan stop crying, but the tears in his eyes did not disappear.

In the end, Jiang Huan left and the emperor cried.

He had no money.

He was really poor! Why not sell his dragon chair A full-gold dragon chair should be worth some money, right

Due to money issues and the war, the emperor was in a bad mood.

Thinking of this, he felt even more depressed and spat out a mouthful of blood.

When the eunuch heard that the situation on the emperors side was not right, he rushed in and was terrified to see the emperor vomiting blood and lying on the table.

“Quick! Call the imperial physician over!” the eunuch shouted at the top of his lungs.

It was not easy to wake the emperor up, but the emperor said that he wanted to summon the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister, and the Crown Princes Grand Tutor.

“Emperor, what cant we talk about tomorrow Its already dark.

Perhaps theyre all asleep,” the eunuch advised earnestly.

“No! You have to call them over immediately! If you dont, Ill kill you with a stick!” The emperor was furious.

None of them would listen to him.

Just like that, the emperor talked to the crown prince, the crown princes grand tutor, and the prime minister for the entire night.

When the crown prince went out, he was smiling as he went to the empresss palace with the young eunuch sent by the empress.

The empress waited anxiously.

When she finally saw the crown prince coming, she asked impatiently, “What does the emperor want by calling you over so late”

She was very worried that the emperor was dissatisfied because the crown prince had done something wrong, so even though it was very late, she did not dare to sleep.

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