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Medicinal Pill

Madam Qi had already started crying.

It turned out that Third Brother Meng had suddenly fallen to the ground.

His face was pale and his body was covered in cold sweat.

He did not have any strength left to speak.

He was not in good health to begin with.

During this period of escape, he had been looking for food everywhere, making his body unable to bear the burden.

Old Master Nings expression changed.

He immediately walked forward and saw Third Brother Ning who was surrounded.

“Third Brother, whats wrong Are you too thirsty Quick, give him water!”

Old Madam Ning also walked over.

Her body was not in good condition either.

When she saw that her son was almost unconscious, she cried, “Son, dont scare me!”

“Mother, I cant take it anymore…” Ning Laosan opened his eyes with difficulty and tried to see his mother clearly.

His eyes moved and he looked at his wife, Madam Qi, and his two crying sons.

Tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes.

In fact, Third Brother Ning could live on, but his body was not good enough.

He needed to take good care of himself and eat more to nourish himself.

However, how could there be so much food for him now

So he wanted to give up on himself and leave his part of the food for the children to find a way to survive.

Old Madam Ning held a steamed bun in her trembling hand and wanted to give it to Third Brother Ning to eat, but Third Brother Ning could no longer eat and did not have the strength to swallow.

Ning Yue squeezed through the crowd and took the steamed bun from Old Madam Nings hand.

Then, she sat on the ground and placed Third Master Nings head on her lap.

She asked for some water and soaked the steamed bun in it to soften it before feeding it to Third Master Ning.

“Third Uncle, eat quickly!” Ning Yues eyes were firm because she had already smeared powder on the steamed bun.

It had already dissolved in the water and was a kind of tonic.

It was specially used for people with weak bodies to quickly replenish their blood essence.

“Yueyue…” Third Brother Ning was very touched, but he didnt want to burden the other family members anymore, so he shook his head.

“Listen to me, Third Uncle.

Eat this steamed bun and youll definitely recover, because youll definitely be blessed after surviving a disaster!” Ning Yue encouraged her Third Uncle.

At the side, Madam Qi cried, “Can you bear to abandon the three of us! Youll make me a widow and make the children lose their father.

How can you be so heartless Boohoo…”

The Ning brothers also cried very sadly.

“Third Uncle, you must be strong.

Believe me, you will get better and better.” Ning Yue urged Ning Laosan.

“Eat quickly.”

Perhaps because he couldnt bear to part with everyone, Third Brother Ning finally listened to Ning Yue and tried his best to swallow the wet and soft steamed buns.

However, he tasted something medicinal.

Ning Sans gaze changed as he looked at Ning Yue in shock.

Ning Yue knew what he meant and only nodded.

After eating a bowl of steamed buns and drinking water, Third Brother Ning quickly felt energetic, as if he had been reborn.

His originally unfocused eyes also became bright.

“Great, hes ok again!” Eldest Brother Ning said excitedly.

Ning Yue helped Third Uncle Ning stand up.

“Let Third Uncle sit on the cart for a while.

Lets continue on our way.

The other villagers must have already walked far away.

We have to speed up and catch up.”

Ever since Ning Yue was brought back from the Generals residence, she had changed.

She was silent and had a dull expression.

She was also unwilling to communicate with others.

There was a resentment all over her that made people not dare to spend more time around her.

But there was something different about her today.

She was smart and decisive, and her eyes were steady and confident.

She looked like a different person.

Could it be that after she had been robbed once and escaped death, she thought everything through

Third Brother Ning refused.

“No need.

If I sit in the cart alone, the pushing will be slower.

We will waste time.

I am much better.”

He didnt know what kind of medicine was in the water, but it worked very quickly.

It was much more potent than the tonics he had taken before.

“Third Brother, are you sure” Old Master Ning asked worriedly.

“Dad, Im fine.

Everyone, lets continue.” Third Brother Ning waved his hands and shouted.

Only then did the group continue forward.

Ning Laosan deliberately walked beside Ning Yue and asked in a low voice, “Yueyue, is there medicine in that steamed bun”

“Shh!” Ning Yue felt a wink and replied, “This medicine is very precious.

It was given to me by that kind person.

There are only three packets.

I gave you one.”

What medicine was so powerful That kind person even gave three packets at once.

“Its mainly because I helped him a lot, so he gave me so much.” Ning Yue knew that Ning Laosan would be puzzled, so she brushed it off.

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