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Old Master Ning had been thinking about the content of the conversation with Prince Jin and his wife just now.

They were all saying that they would not let Jiang Ying take a concubine or let him get close to other women.

They had promised them.

He could tell that they doted on Ning Yue very much.

It was Ning Yues blessing to be able to marry into Prince Jins residence.

Just like that, the empress dowager stayed in the Ning familys house.

Jiang Huan was in a hurry to return to Prince Jins residence because the guards had received news that Prince Qi and Prince Ning were going to be escorted back to the capital.

The emperor had asked him to return to the capital.

“Xin Xin, get ready.

Were going back to the capital,” Jiang Huan said to Xin Xin.

Return to the capital Xin Xin was stunned.

Why did they have to return to the capital for no reason

No! She was not going back to the capital!

“No, Im not going back.

I want to stay here and accompany Jiang Ying.

Im often outside the pass with you.

Hes so lonely here alone.

Hes about to get married.

We have to cultivate our relationship with our son.”

Hearing Xin Xins words, Jiang Huan was speechless.

He was sure that Xin Xin was definitely not here to accompany her son.

Her ultimate goal was to accompany her two grandchildren!

He wanted to accompany her, but the emperor had ordered him to go back.

“But the emperor ordered us to go back,” Jiang Huan said with a frown.

“What did the emperors orders say” Xin Xin asked.

“The emperor said that Ning Feng is escorting Prince Qi and Prince Ning back to the capital.

He asked me to rush back before they reached the capital.” Jiang Huan explained the emperors orders truthfully.

“Oh Really Then go back,” Xin Xin said indifferently.

“But you have to pack your things as well.” He didnt understand.

Hadnt he made himself clear enough


“The emperor said that you must return to the capital before they arrive.

He didnt say that he wanted me to come with you.” Xin Xin realized that her patience was getting better.

In the past, she would be impatient to explain such a small matter.

“I…” Jiang Huan suddenly did not know what to say.

He had just prepared a bunch of things to say, but he was stopped by Xin Xins words.

“The emperor asked you not me.”

He stared at Xin Xin, unable to speak for a long time.

After a long time, he said, “Arent you going back with me”

“I just said that I wanted to cultivate a relationship with my son.

Why should I go back Go back.

Be careful on the way.” Xin Xin felt a little regretful.

She should have stayed in the Ning family with the empress dowager just now.

Why did she come out with Jiang Huan


Miscalculation, miscalculation.

Jiang Huan understood that his status had decreased.

“Then I really have to go back” he asked reluctantly.

He did not know when he would visit Laifu Village when he entered the capital this time.

He had never been separated from Xin Xin for more than a day.

“Oh, alright, arent you annoying! I already said to be careful when you go back!” Xin Xin said impatiently, and Jiang Huan instantly fell silent.


Alright, he could go back himself.

“Wait!” Xin Xin stopped Jiang Huan.

Jiang Huans depressed mood instantly rose.

He thought that Xin Xin had changed her mind and wanted to enter the capital with him, but what Xin Xin said next disappointed him.

“Remember to tell the emperor about the betrothal gift.

Jiang Ying is an heir.

We cant be the only ones paying for the betrothal gift.

The emperor has to pay too.

Mother has already promised me that she will pay 10,000 taels of gold.

If the emperor doesnt pay 100,000 taels of gold, I wont have it.”


So it was just about his sons betrothal gift.

Jiang Huan sighed.

“Alright, Ill talk to the emperor when I enter the capital.”

“You have to control your temper.

Dont soften your heart after your emperor brother cries a little.

You have to ask properly.

Think about how youve been looking for your son whenever you need money at the border all these years.

Think about your two grandchildren who are wandering outside.

If you let him go easily this time, Ill run away from home.”


Xin Xin snorted coldly as she spoke.

She knew Jiang Huans personality too well.

In the past, the emperor would cry to Jiang Huan whenever he had no money.

Jiang Huan had no choice but to empty his familys pockets.

But it was different now.

This time, it was their son who was going to marry.

They could not sacrifice their sons happiness.

“By the way, on the way back from the border, didnt you say that Ning Feng and his son wrote a memorial that mentioned Ning Yue Whats going on”

“This…” Jiang Huan frowned.

“If its a military secret, forget it,” Xin Xin said.

She rarely cared about military matters.

She only asked because Ning Yue was mentioned.

“This isnt a military secret.

Its about Ning Yue helping them make the detoxification pill.”

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