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Ning Guang was gratified that Jiang Ying and Ning Yue had a good relationship.

He did not have to worry about their married life anymore but he was angry that Jiang Ying hugged Ning Yue.

They werent married yet, and they were outside!

Ning Yue came back to her senses and broke free from Jiang Yings arms.

Her face was a little hot.

Jiang Yings face was as red as a monkeys butt.

He realized belatedly that he had just hugged Yueyue!

Seeing the two of them standing like statues, the eldest son of the Ning family suppressed his laughter and said to them, “Yueyue, the wild animals we hunted are all here.

Arent you going to help”

When Jiang Ying heard this, he turned around and was about to take the wild animals from the eldest son of the Ning family when he did not notice a medium-sized rock beside his feet.

He almost tripped.

Seeing this, Ning Yue couldnt help but laugh.

Jiang Ying was too cute.

Embarrassment flashed across Jiang Yings face.

He said to the eldest son and Ning Guang, “Uncles, Ill take it.”

After returning to the Ning family with the wild animals, Ning Yue heard Jiang Huan laugh.

The four of them went in and realized that Xiaobei was hugging Jiang Huan and tugging at his beard.

Ning Yue was so frightened that her eyes widened.

“Xiaobei, you child!” She went forward to carry Xiaobei down, but Jiang Huan stopped her.

“Its fine.

Xiaobei is a good child.

Im playing with her.” Jiang Huan was very happy to play with his grandchildren.

He was even happy to pull out his hair, let alone his beard.

Xin Xin, the Princess of Jin, pulled Ning Yue aside and handed her a jade pendant.

“Yueyue, this is my greeting gift to you.

Keep it well.

This is Princess Jins token.

In the future, you will be in charge of Prince Jins Estate.”

Ning Yue froze.

Not to mention that she and Jiang Ying were not married yet, even if they were, she was at most a princess consort.

How did she become the head of the family


She was about to say something when Xin Xin took her hand.

“Yueyue, you taught the two children well.

Its been hard on you.”

Speaking of the two children, Xin Xins face was filled with relief.

She knew that Ning Yue was very powerful, but she did not expect her to be able to do everything in detail.

Not only was she capable, but she could also teach her family and children so well.

What a capable child.


Ning Yue was stunned.

Xin Xins words changed too quickly and she immediately talked about teaching the children.

She smiled awkwardly.

“No, no.

The two children are very obedient.”

“What are you whispering about Arent you going to tell me” Jiang Ying saw that Ning Yue was a little embarrassed and quickly leaned forward to help her out.

“Hey, what does it have to do with you if we whisper to each other!” Xin Xin glared at Jiang Ying unhappily.

It seemed that his status was going to be lost.

At this moment, a guard ran in and whispered something in Jiang Huans ear.

His expression changed and he said to Xin Xin, “Xin Xin, were going back.”

“Alright, Jiang Ying.

Stay with Yueyue and help.

Well go back first,” Xin Xin said as she went to help the empress dowager.

Seeing this, the empress dowager sat on the chair and covered her head.

“Oh, my head hurts.

No, Yueyue, you have to take a look at me.

My head hurts.”

Xin Xin was speechless.

“Mother, we…”

The empress dowager did not give Xin Xin a chance to speak.

She kept wailing, “Oh, I cant take it anymore.

My head hurts too much!”

Looking at the empress dowager, Ning Yue sighed.

She knew that the empress dowager was pretending, but what could she do The empress dowager kept looking at her! She couldnt help but say, “Your Highness, Princess Consort, why dont you go back first Ill take a look at the empress dowager.

If theres nothing wrong, Jiang Ying and I will send the empress dowager back.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The empress dowager slapped the table beside her.

“Its decided!”

After slapping the table, the empress dowager realized that she had done something wrong.

She quickly sat on the chair weakly and covered her head.

“Oh, my head hurts.”

Jiang Huan smiled helplessly.

What could his mother do He could only dote on her.

“Thank you, everyone.” Jiang Huan bade farewell to everyone and left with Xin Xin.

After sending Jiang Huan and Xin Xin out, the empress dowager stopped pretending and played with Xiaobao and Xiaobei again.

“Ill bring Grandma back later,” Jiang Ying said to Old Master Ning in embarrassment.

“Its fine, its fine.” Old Master Ning grinned from ear to ear.

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