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Ning Yue stopped in her tracks and looked at Jiang Ying in a daze.

What had happened in the capital to make Jiang Ying act so mysteriously

Jiang Ying whispered in his ear, “Uncle Emperor has confiscated the An family because of Prince Qi and Prince Ning.”

“Isnt that normal” Ning Yue said.

She thought that something big had happened.

After knowing that the An family was Prince Nings spy, she guessed their ending.

“No, the point is that the emperors uncle raided their house and found two secret rooms in their study.

One was filled with gold and silver jewelry.”

What Gold and silver jewelry Ning Yue wrung her hands.

She had actually only discovered one of the two secret rooms.

Oh my god!

It seemed that one of the secret rooms was for spies, and the other was for hiding stolen money.

Unexpectedly, that old thing from the An family was like a rabbit.

He was quite good at hiding.

There were secret rooms everywhere.

Looking at Ning Yues strange expression, Jiang Ying was puzzled.

“Whats wrong”

Shouldnt Ning Yue be happy that the An family had been raided


I just think raiding and exile is too light for them,” Ning Yue said.

Thats right.

Ning Yue and her grandmother had suffered so much.

Searching the house was letting them off easy.

“Yueyue, your Second Uncle is coming back soon.” Jiang Ying suddenly thought of Ning Feng and Ning Yues Second Uncle, Ning Chen.

“What Really” Ning Yue was excited.

Ever since they had settled down in Laifu Village, the Ning family had exchanged more letters with Ning Chen.

However, letters were different from meeting someone in real life.

The Ning family would be happier if he could return.

“By the way.” Jiang Ying recalled that before returning from the border city, Ning Feng had asked him to pass a letter to Ning Yue and An Ning.

“Your father asked me to give this to you and your grandmother.”

He knew that Ning Yue did not like Ning Feng, but Ning Feng said that this thing was for An Ning and Ning Yue.

He could not make the decision.

How to deal with it depended on Ning Yue.

Ning Yue took the letter and did not say anything.

She planned to go back and read it.

“Hows the matter in the border city” Ning Yue asked.

Speaking of Border City, Jiang Ying frowned.

Although the flames of war in Border City had subsided, there was more and more follow-up work.

There were more than a thousand poisoned citizens alone.

Coupled with the casualties from the battle, there were a total of ten thousand.

The emperor was wondering where to get some compensation.

This country was really too poor.

Seeing that Jiang Ying was frowning and silent for a long time, Ning Yue couldnt help but ask, “Whats wrong Did something happen”

“To be honest, Im worried about the pension,” Jiang Ying said.

Actually, the emperor should be the one worrying, but the emperor couldnt think of a way and would still come to him.

In the end, he had to think of a way to find money.

“Is it much worse” Ning Yue asked.

“After confiscating assets from Prince Qi, Prince Ning, and the An family, the national treasury has been filled.

The money needed is not much, but the only problem is that almost all the things obtained from the confiscation are large items.

Theres no way to exchange them for cash.”

“Many people were injured in the poison war.

These things cant be directly distributed as compensation.” Jiang Ying sighed as he spoke.

Ning Yue nodded.

So that was what happened.

From the looks of it, the current emperor still cared a lot about the people.

“You can set up an auction and let the empress host it.

In the form of a charity sale, all the money will be donated to the victims of the border city,” Ning Yue said.

Jiang Ying was stunned for a moment.

He stared straight at Ning Yue, then hugged her hard.

“Yueyue, its so good to have you!”

Why didnt they think of this method!

The officials in the capital were very rich.

If the emperor directly asked them to donate, this group of people would definitely cry poor.

However, it would be different if the empress presided over the auction and the officials wife participated.

Whether the things were useful was one thing.

Reputation was the most important thing.

In order to gain a virtuous reputation, these madams would secretly compete.

When the time came, the money could come in like water.

“Youre really my lucky star!” Jiang Ying was very happy.

Ever since he met Ning Yue, his life had become colorful.

Ning Yue was stunned by his hug and let him hug her in a daze until Ning Guang and the eldest son of the Ning family returned from hunting wild animals.

“Yueyue, you…” Ning Guang called out, relieved and angry.

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