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He did not want to be the emperor!

Just as Yuan Hui was furious, the officials of Russia offered a few jars of fine wine from the Great Yun Nation.

In his previous life, other than research, his only hobby was drinking.

Therefore, when Yuan Hui picked up the wine jar and took a few sips, he realized that this wine was actually modern barley wine!

However, there was no such plant in this era, so he concluded that the person who had brewed the wine with barley was very likely the person he was searching for!

Therefore, he brought Baili into the wine shop and took out some silver.

He placed it on the table and said, “Give me a jar.”

“Alright! Please wait a moment!” The shopkeeper accepted the money and handed Yuan Hui a jar of barley wine.

Yuan Hui opened the barley wine and sniffed it.

A familiar smell rushed into his nose.

He closed his eyes in satisfaction.

This was the smell!

“Shopkeeper, I want to buy 10,000 jars of barley wine.

Do you have any in stock” Yuan Hui asked with a smile.

The shopkeeper was one of Jiang Yings men.

He had received a message from Jiang Ying that he would be stopping brewing for the time being and would close the shop to rest after selling out.

Therefore, in the face of such a large order, he could only refuse with tears in his eyes.

“To be honest, we only have 1,000 jars left in stock.

Our boss has been busy recently and hasnt replenished the stock.”

“May I know where your boss is Can I talk to him in detail” Yuan Hui asked anxiously.

“Im sorry, customer.

I dont know where our boss is.

How about this Leave an address.

When the boss comes back, Ill send someone to tell you,” the shopkeeper said to Yuan Hui apologetically.

Yuan Hui smiled.

“Its fine.

I stay at the inn opposite your house.

If theres any news, please tell me.” With that, Yuan Hui left with Baili.

“Baili, investigate who the owner of this shop is and where he is.”

Baili did not disappoint him and quickly told him the findings.

“Emperor, I can only find out that the shop owner is in Laifu Village.

I cant find out the details.”

Although he was the commander of the guards of Russia, this was the Great Yun Nation.

It was already very good that he could find out that the shop owner was in Laifu Village in such a short time.

“Very good.

Lets set off for Laifu Village!” Yuan Hui said.

“Emperor, Laifu Village is the fief of Prince Jin.

Can we go over” Baili asked uncertainly.

“They wont suspect us if we pretend to be merchants,” Yuan Hui said.

He remembered that King Jin of the Great Yun Nation was a general and was trusted by the emperor.

The outside world had always given him praise.

“Okay.” Baili nodded.

The two of them quickly bought two horses and set off for Laifu Village.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they arrived at Laifu Village, they saw a few students leaving the school.

One of them was actually humming a song.

Although it was out of tune, Yuan Hui knew what they were singing from the lyrics.

Wasnt that a popular song he had heard in the modern world

He was so excited that he wanted to go forward and stop the person, but was stopped by Baili.

“Emperor, I know youre eager to find someone, but we cant go over like this now.”

Baili looked at the agitated Yuan Hui and couldnt help but say, “Well scare him if we go over directly.”

Hearing Baili say this, he held back and instructed, “Then ask around.”

Baili accepted the order, but when he finally found out where the song came from, Yuan Hui had disappeared.

As soon as he heard about Laifu Village, the emperor ran over.

That wouldnt do! He was the emperor.

What if something happened to him

Seeing that Yuan Hui was charging forward on his horse, he immediately got on his horse and chased after him.

It wasnt easy for him to catch up, but Yuan Hui suddenly stopped.

Baili almost couldnt stop and bumped into Yuan Hui.

“Emperor, you…” Baili Zheng was about to ask Yuan Hui what he had seen when he saw Yuan Huis shocked expression.

“Quick, quick, quick.

Ask that person.


“Emperor!” Baili called out to him.

“Lets find a place to stay first, then well think about it.”

If they went over like this, others would treat them as scammers.

Yuan Hui calmed down and took a deep breath.

“Youre right.

Lets find an inn first.

Well talk about the rest later.”

Just like that, Yuan Hui and Bai Li moved to the town.

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