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“The house is quite good.

Your grandfather and a few uncles have gone to the oil press.

Your father has gone to town to study.

The two darlings are playing with your brother in the courtyard,” Madam He said with a smile.

“Father went to study” Ning Yue asked in surprise.

“Thats right.

The second morning after you left, your father said that he wanted to study and go to school no matter what.

Sigh, hes already so old, but he still wants to squeeze into school with children.

Im a little embarrassed, but your grandfather agreed.” Madam He kept complaining about Ning Guang going to school.

“Mother, dont say that.

Being old has never been an excuse for not learning.

Since Father wants to learn, let him,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

“If he wants to go, do you think Ill stop him I just feel that its strange for him to go to school at his age,” Madam He said.

“Theres nothing strange about it.

If Father can become the top scholar, it will be the blessing of our entire Ning family.” Ning Yue held Madam Hes arm and wheedled.

“I dont expect him to be very capable.

I just want him to be safe and sound.”

At the mention of this, Madam Hes eyes welled up with tears.

Before escaping, Ning Guang had been a fool.

Although she did not mind, she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Later on, after interacting with him, she realized that although Ning Guang was stupid, he knew how to dote on others.

Later on, she raised Ning Yue with Ning Guang and gave birth to a few sons.

She did not have any requirements for Ning Guang, as long as he was safe.

Now that she saw that her husband was becoming more and more normal, Madam He was overjoyed.

Moreover, after becoming normal, Ning Guang knew how to dote on people more and more.

She was also happier being with Ning Guang.

“Thats right.

Our family has to be safe and sound,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

“Mother, the weather has already turned cold.

Ive bought some clothes from outside.

Help me distribute them.

Everyone has one! Ill go and see the two children first.” With that, Ning Yue turned to look for the children.

“This child is wasting money again.” Madam He looked at the carriage of things and couldnt help but shake her head with a smile.

Although Madam He complained, her tone was filled with heartache.

At this moment, there was a man and two women sitting in the carriage that Ning Yue had seen in town.

If Ning Yue were here, she would definitely be shocked, because one of them was actually the Empress Dowager!

The bumpy journey made her feel very uncomfortable.

At this moment, she looked exhausted.

“Empress Dowager Grandmother…” Prince Jin was about to say something when he was interrupted by the Empress Dowager.

“This isnt the palace.

Didnt we agree for you to call me Mother when we left the palace” the Empress Dowager said angrily.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Mother, weve already arrived in town.

Why dont we come down to eat and rest for a while before continuing on our way” Prince Jin asked the Empress Dowager.

“Quick, quick, quick.

Im starving and exhausted.

I really have to rest.” The Empress Dowager couldnt wait to get out of the carriage.

Looking at the empress dowager who looked like a child, Prince Jin shook his head helplessly.

Initially, he did not want to bring the Empress Dowager out of the palace.

However, the Empress Dowager pretended to be sick and moved into the Prince Jins Residence.

After staying for a few days, she suddenly said that she wanted to return to the palace.

He had originally wanted to return to his fief when the Empress Dowager returned to the palace.

After all, the Empress Dowagers birthday was over, and it wasnt good for him, a prince with a fief, to stay in the capital for too long.

Unexpectedly, his mother had secretly followed him out of the palace.

She had even said that the emperor already knew that she was going back to the fief with him and had even asked him and the Princess Consort for food.

Princess Consort Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry as she handed the pancakes she had just taken to the Empress Dowager.

“Mother, we only prepared some dry food.

Please make do with it first.”

The Empress Dowager did not care if she was eating dry food.

As long as she could travel and not delay her visit to her two great-grandsons, it did not matter what she ate on the way.

She took the pancakes and ate it in big mouthfuls.

Seeing the empress dowagers expression, Prince Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He had planned to send the empress dowager back to the palace first, but he did not expect her to wail as soon as he said it.

“Oh, late emperor.

Look at your sons.

Theyre all useless.

Its not easy for them to have great-grandchildren, but they dont even let an old woman like me see them.

My life is really bitter!”

Hearing the Empress Dowagers cries, Prince Jin did not know what to say.

One of the children was an emperor, while the others were all princes.

In the eyes of the Empress Dowager, such a child was nothing.

He did not know what it meant to be successful.

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