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“Yueyue, this is the military camp, so its not good for me to keep you.

You have to be careful when you go back.

When this battle is over, well return to the capital with General Ning to report our work.

At that time, I can go home,” the second son of the Ning family said.

“Okay.” Seeing his reluctant expression, Ning Yue couldnt help but sniffle.

“Second Uncle, you have to take care of your health in the military camp.”

Second Uncle of the Ning family nodded.

“Ill send you out of the city.

I cant leave the military camp easily now.”

Ning Yue rejected Second Uncles suggestion.

“Theres no need to send me off.

I know the way.

By the way, Second Uncle, theres something I want to tell you.”

Ning Yue suddenly recalled the question she had thought about today.

“Originally, Prince Qi and Prince Ning had planned to use poison to attack the city.

However, after I came to treat the injured, they changed to using force to attack the city.

I think theres a problem.”

Ning Yue only mentioned it a little, and the second son of the Ning family understood.

“You mean theres a mole in the military camp” The second son of the Ning family frowned.

If there was really a spy by their side, their military secrets would no longer be a secret.

This was a huge taboo in the military!

“This is just my guess.

Second Uncle, you can keep an eye out.

Its best if there isnt one.

If there is, you have to find this person quickly!” Ning Yue said.

“Okay, Ill be careful.”

Just as the second son of the Ning family was about to say something, a soldier rushed over.

“Lord, the general has called you over to discuss a military plan.”

“Alright, Yueyue.

Be careful on the way.” After reminding her, the second son of the Ning family jogged away.

Ning Yue took one last look at the military camp and turned to leave.

She reached a deserted area, retrieved her motorcycle, and took the shortcut back to Laifu village.

At this moment, Jiang Ying had already arrived at the military camp.

Hearing that Ning Feng had told him that the poison had been cured, Ning Yue had even taught the suturing technique to the military doctors, and that she had already left half an hour ago, Jiang Ying felt very complicated.

Laifu Village was not far from the border.

He had slowed down a little to wait for Ning Yue, but he did not expect her to have already finished her work and left.

Actually, at this time, he hoped that Ning Yue would come, but he also hoped that she wouldnt.

He couldnt tell what kind of mentality he had.

He hoped that Ning Yue would come because the commoners and soldiers at the border were affected by the poison.

In the entire world, only Ning Yue had a way.

He did not want her to come because he was worried about her safety.

Before Ning Feng could finish reporting Ning Yues matter to Jiang Ying, he heard the news from his deputy general.

“General Ning, Commander Ning has already captured the mole.

Hes a sergeant surnamed Chen.

Hes in the meeting tent now.”

“Prince, lets go take a look together.” Ning Feng said.

“No, Im only here to deliver supplies on behalf of my father.

I dont belong to the military camp, so its not appropriate for me to deal with the matters of the military camp,” Jiang Ying said.

Ning Feng nodded.

“Then please wait a moment.

Ill be back soon.” With that, Ning Feng rushed to the meeting tent.

If Ning Yue saw this traitors face here, she might be very shocked, because this person was from the Chen family village who had followed them when they fled!

Ning Feng sneered.

Without another word, he picked up his saber and cut this persons throat.

“If you dare to be a spy here, Ill let you die without a burial place! Someone hang him on the city wall for everyone to see!” Ning Feng said coldly.

After dealing with this person, Ning Feng hurriedly left the scene.

Ning Yue did not know everything that had happened here.

She was in town at this moment, planning to buy something before returning to the village.

She did not expect to encounter a gorgeous carriage.

At first glance, although this carriage was very simple, the material was top-notch, low-key, and luxurious.

Ning Yue couldnt help but take a few more glances.

She returned to the village after buying something in town.

“Yueyue Youre back!” Madam He looked at Ning Yue in surprise.

It had only been less than two days, but Ning Yue had already returned.

She had thought that Ning Yue would be gone for a long time.

“Thats right, Mother.

I came back home because I wanted to.

Hows the family these past two days Where are Father and Grandfather” Ning Yue went forward and gave Madam He a big hug.

It had only been two days, but she felt as if she had been away for two months.

She missed home so much.

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