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“Yueyue, hows the familys health” Second Brother Ning asked.

“Theyre fine.

Hows Second Uncle” Ning Yue asked.

“Im already a major general now.

I can command an army!”

A major general Ning Yue looked at the second son of the Ning family in surprise.

He was now a major general.

Second Uncles ability was not bad!

As she spoke, Ning Yue had already arrived at the injured camp.

She handed the things to the military doctors and left after giving them some instructions.

Ning Feng wanted to step forward and talk, but when he saw the second son of the Ning family following beside Ning Yue, he stopped.

“Deputy General, who is that person” Ning Feng asked.

Ning Feng was the commander of the entire army, and the second son of the Ning family was not the only major general.

It was normal for him to not remember him.

“Hes a major general with the same surname as you.

Hes good at war.

Previously, I thought he was your relative, but I found out later that he didnt even know you,” the deputy general said with a smile.

Same surname Ning Feng frowned even more.

He seemed to have heard Ning Yue call him Second Uncle just now.

Could it be the Ning family that had adopted Ning Yue

Back then, when An Ning had asked him to take her second brother and cousin into the Generals Residence, he had not been very happy.

Later, he sent someone to investigate and realized that Erlang was already very talented in military matters at such a young age.

He cherished talents, so he agreed.

If he remembered correctly, Erlang was Ning Yues eldest uncles son.

That person just now was Ning Yues second uncle.

Now that he thought about it, the Ning family seemed to have talent in this area.

Other than having military talent, it was said that Ning Yue also had a younger brother who had become a scholar.

Was such a family really just made of village bumpkins Ning Feng was puzzled.

While Ning Feng was thinking about this, Ning Yue and the second son of the Ning family had already walked far away.

“General, what are you thinking about” The deputy general asked when he saw that Ning Feng was deep in thought for a long time.

“If you have time, investigate the Ning family in Laifu Village,” Ning Feng said.

“Huh” The deputy general looked at Ning Feng in confusion.

Just as he was about to ask why, Ning Feng knocked his head.

“What I told you to investigate!” Ning Feng said angrily.

Seeing that Ning Feng was angry just like that, the deputy general simply changed the topic.

“General, I think Eldest Miss came to the military camp because she was worried about you.

She started work as soon as she arrived and didnt rest much.

Shes so serious and responsible.”

“Youre right.”

Ning Fengs affirmative words made the deputy general think that he was about to be praised by the general.

In the next second, he was knocked on the head again.

“Shes very serious and responsible, but shes doing this for the soldiers and the people of the border city! Dont speak if you dont know how to speak.” Ning Feng was angry and speechless.

He was angry because the deputy general had spouted nonsense, and speechless because Ning Yue had never called him father since the day she saw him.

Watching Ning Yue walk further and further away, Ning Feng sighed again.

Ning Yue did not know what Ning Feng was thinking.

She planned to go back not long after chatting with the second son of the Ning family.

She used a bamboo tube to store a few tubes of ancient well water and took some antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, and medicinal powder that could quickly stop the bleeding.

She planned to give all these things to the second son of the Ning family.

These were important items on the battlefield, so preparing them for him was an additional layer of protection.

Just as she was about to look for the second son of the Ning family, he arrived.

“Yueyue, when you go back, help me send a letter to your grandfather.” As he spoke, the second son of the Ning family took out the letter that he had already written.

“I originally wanted to bring this letter to the courier station and get someone to send it over.

Since youre here, help me take it back.”

“Okay.” Ning Yue put away the letter and handed him what she had prepared.

“Second Uncle, the water in this bamboo tube is a life-saving medicine.

Although it cant revive the dead, its very beneficial to drink a little when youre injured.

This is a hemostatic medicine, and this is an anti-inflammatory medicine.

Ive already written the usage of it.

Second Uncle, you have to keep it well.”

Ning Yue instructed him patiently, “Second Uncle, these are all good things I took from Master.

You can only keep them for yourself.

Of course, its best if you dont use them.

You have to be careful.

If anything really happens, these things can save your life.”

Hearing Ning Yues instructions, the second son of the Ning family felt a lump in his throat.

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