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Ning Yue did not take all the credit.

She knew that if she wanted to go far, she had to do it together with others.

Hearing Ning Yues words, everyone was surprised.

The old divine doctor could actually make such clothes.

What material was this

Seeing everyones curious expressions, Ning Yue did not intend to explain too much.

“These protective suits have to be destroyed every time theyre used.

They cant be kept.

Ill strictly record the situation of everyone using them.

If I find that one of these clothes is missing, dont blame me for being rude.”

Hearing Ning Yues words, some people who wanted to secretly hide one or two things gave up.

“You have to wear protective suits and protective masks.” As she spoke, Ning Yue demonstrated how to wear them in front of everyone.

The military doctors followed suit.

After dressing up, the group set off.

Ning Feng hesitated for a moment.

Just as he was about to put on his protective suit, he was stopped by the deputy general.

“General, I know youre worried about Eldest Miss.

Ill follow her.

Dont go.

If anything happens to you, the morale of the army will waver.”

Ning Feng thought for a moment and said solemnly to the deputy general, “Remember, Eldest Misss life comes first.”

“Yes, Ill definitely bring Eldest Miss back safely!”

After receiving the deputy generals assurance, Ning Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

His brothers had risked their lives with him for so many years.

They would definitely do as they said.

The deputy general changed into his protective suit and mask and followed him to the quarantine area.

After Ning Yue brought her people to the quarantine area, she realized that Ning Fengs deputy general had also arrived.

She had wanted to ask him what he was doing here, but remembered that this deputy general could be used for hard labor, so she did not.

Ning Yue pointed at Ning Fengs deputy general.

“Help them turn over and get them to face up.

Be gentle.”

“Yes,” the deputy general replied.

His actions of helping the patient turn over were especially nimble, making Ning Yue praise him.

With someone helping the patients turn over, Ning Yue demonstrated acupuncture and detoxification to the military doctors.

“Remember, dont use too much strength.

Otherwise, its useless if the acupuncture points arent inserted deep enough, nor can they be too heavy.

These are all fatal acupuncture points.

If you use too much strength, theyll die.”

When Ning Yue said this, the military doctors immediately became nervous.

However, saving people was urgent.

After Ning Yue finished speaking, she began to take action.

The military doctor who did not understand could follow behind her first.

Her technique was fast and accurate, and she quickly won the praise of the military doctors.

A few of them had already started working.

An hour later, Ning Yue asked the deputy general to go back and ask Ning Feng to prepare two more quarantine areas.

She would bring the cured people to the second area and leave the third area empty.

“Yes!” The deputy general admired Ning Yue.

She was supposed to be a young miss who had never done any chores.

However, she was able to acknowledge an ancient master as her master, gain the admiration of the important figures in the capital, and even join the rescue mission.

Furthermore, it was said that she was the soon-to-be heiress of the Jiang family.

He was really lucky to be able to help Eldest Miss.

“Get them to put on their protective suits and bring a few carts over.

Be gentle!” Ning Yue instructed.

With everyones hard work, many people were treated.

Another hour passed.

Acupuncture was an extremely exhausting job and the military doctors were very hardworking.

Seeing that they were all exhausted, the effect might be greatly reduced if they continued.

Ning Yue said to the military doctors, “Weve been busy for a long time.

Go back and rest first.”

When they returned to the military camp, Ning Yue destroyed the protective suits and masks they had taken off.

After resting for a while, she began to assign work again.

Previously, she had brought all the military doctors into the quarantine area to teach everyone the treatment method so that she could save time teaching them one by one.

Now, not only did they have to treat the people in the first quarantine area, but they also had to go to the second quarantine area to treat the patients who had finished their acupuncture.

After the condition of the people in the second quarantine area stabilized and their illnesses were no longer contagious, they would be placed in the third quarantine area.

Ning Yue had to arrange all of this.

Looking at Ning Yues busy back, Ning Feng couldnt help but sigh.

He cared so little for his daughter but she surprised him every time they met.

While Ning Yue was busy, the military doctors were all resting.

When Ning Yue was done, the military doctors were all rested.

They all followed Ning Yues instructions without complaint.

In the end, Ning Yue was exhausted.

She had finally rested for a while when she heard someone report that the enemy had attacked the city!

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