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When no one was around, she took out the SUV from her space and stepped on the accelerator.

The official road was flat but she could drive off-road to accelerate the journey.

However, when she was near the border city, she would have to change to a motorcycle if the road was not smooth.

The off-road vehicle and motorcycle were used interchangeably, and she quickly arrived at the border town.

Ning Yue put the vehicles back into her space near the border city and changed into a black windbreaker.

She put on her mask and headed for the border city gate.

Ning Yue took out Jiang Yings bronze plate and handed it to the soldiers guarding the city.

“Open the city gate.”

Seeing the bronze plate, the soldier asked Ning Yue to wait a moment.

“Ill report it to General Ning.”

General Ning Ning Yue frowned.

She did not expect that the person leading the troops to war was actually Ning Feng.

After waiting for a long time, Ning Feng personally came out.

When he saw Ning Yue, he frowned.

“Why are you alone Why didnt Young Master Jiang come” Ning Feng asked.

“Prince Jiang is behind me.

The antidote is more important.

I know how to detoxify it.

Hurry up and bring me there.” Ning Yue did not want to tell Ning Feng too much.

Ning Feng looked at Ning Yue and sighed heavily.

“Ill take you there.”

His tone sounded very helpless, making Ning Yue frown.

Ning Feng led Ning Yue towards the military camp.

From afar, they could see a partition made of wood not far from the military camp.

“Thats where the poisoned patients are.

As the poison is very strong and contagious, I ordered someone to separate them,” Ning Feng explained.

“General Ning, please give me a tent alone a little further away from you.

Also, send a few more people to guard it.

Dont let anyone else approach.”

Hearing Ning Yues words, Ning Feng sighed.

“Yueyue, can you really do it Isnt Divine Doctor Gu coming with you”

Ning Yue paused.

She did not expect Ning Feng to recognize her.

As soon as Ning Feng said this, the deputy general beside him was stunned.

Oh my god, this was the real Eldest Miss! As expected of the generals daughter! She even dared to barge into the front lines.

“My master told me to come.

I have a way.

Dont worry,” Ning Yue said.

“Logically speaking, I shouldnt have let you in, but youre holding the bronze plate of Prince Jins Residence, so I have no choice but to listen.

Yueyue, promise me that youll be safe,” Ning Feng said.

Ning Yue said nothing.

She didnt know how to describe the feeling in her heart.

It seemed strange, but she couldnt say what was strange.

“Yueyue” Ning Feng called out again when he saw her hesitation.

“Okay, I promise you,” Ning Yue replied solemnly.

For the sake of the two children in the family, for Madam He, for her stupid father, for Elder Ning, and for the entire Ning family, she would not let anything happen to her.

Ning Feng quickly prepared a tent for her according to Ning Yues request.

It was very spacious inside.

At the same time, Ning Feng had also assigned a few medical assistants to her.

When Ning Yue needed them, these assistants would enter the tent.

When she did not need them, these assistants had to stay away from the tent.

This was also Ning Yues request.

Initially, these military doctors had a lot of complaints about being Ning Yues assistant.

After all, in their opinion, they were more qualified than Ning Yue.

However, when they heard that Ning Yue was Divine Doctor Gus disciple, these military doctors did not dare to speak.

Divine Doctor Gu! That was a height that they could never reach in their lives!

Now that they had the chance to be Divine Doctor Gus disciples assistant, they were really lucky.

Ning Yue sat alone in the tent.

She took out a protective suit and put it on.

After getting someone to inform Ning Feng, she went to the other side of the divider.

Many of them were in a semi-conscious state and wouldnt wake up no matter how hard people shook them.

Ning Yue casually took someones blood and analyzed it with an instrument.

The instrument analyzed the composition of the poison.

It didnt look complicated, which was a relief.

Fortunately, everything was under control.

After knowing the composition of the poison, she knew how to counter it.

After writing down the prescription, she walked to the isolation divider, burned the protective suit, and entered the military camp to disinfect herself.

Behind the tent, she called Ning Feng and the medical assistants over.

“These are the protective suits that my master rushed to make overnight.

Over there are the antidotes that Ive developed.

I need everyone to help me determine how much medicine you have to use.”

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