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A Pile of Food

Ning Yue did not know what to feel.

The original owner was not Madam Hes biological daughter, and she was a soul that had transmigrated and had nothing to do with Madam He.

But at this moment, she felt warm and touched in Madam Hes arms.

Under everyones concerned and excited gazes, she unknowingly felt that she belonged as Ning Yue.

“Husband!” Madam He saw Ning Guang walking over and threw herself into his arms.

Although Ning Guang was a little stupid, Madam He had never despised him.

The husband and wife were very close.

Madam He raised her husband like a child, but at this time, she also had a feminine side.

Ning Guang hugged Madam He and wheedled, “Wife, I miss you so much!”

The others couldnt help but laugh, their eyes filled with relief and joy.

Ning Yue liked the atmosphere of this family very much.

That sense of unity was like the strongest team with unbreakable cohesion and would be invincible.

“Little nephew!” Balang insisted on carrying Xiaobao.

“Xiaobei, Uncle wants to hold you!” Jiulang and Shilang demanded.

Ning Yue smiled and put the children down for her younger brothers to carry.

They really liked these twin nephews.

Old Master Ning wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and was extremely gratified.

“Its good that youre back.

Yueyue, what happened”

The others also waited for Ning Yues answer.

Ning Yue organized her thoughts and briefly explained that she and Ning Guang had been kidnapped and almost cooked.

They had escaped death and met a kind person who sent them back in a carriage.

Eldest Brother Ning spoke.

“I thought I heard a carriage.

So it was someone who sent you back.”

“Its Yueyues fortune to meet such a kind person in this world.” Madam He sighed and held Ning Yues hand tightly, as if she was afraid that she would run away.

Ning Yue said, “Yes, that person should be rich and noble.

He even gave me a lot of supplies.”

She could use that as an excuse to take something out for everyone to eat and wear.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to explain how it had come about.

Besides, if people found out that she owned the Infinite Space, many things might happen.

Human nature was complicated.

She didnt want to test it.

Actually, Ning Yue and the others return would make the food shortage even worse.

Old Master Ning and the others were worried about the food and water.

Hearing Ning Yues words, the worry in their hearts dissipated.

Ning Yue took out a bag.

It was filled with coarse grain steamed buns.

There were actually more than 20 of them.

There were also many noodles, cornbread, and dry biscuits.

They were all food that could easily fill ones stomach.

She went back in the direction she had come from and pretended to take half a dozen water bags from the bushes.

They were full of water.

“Grandpa, this is the water the great good man left for us.

I couldnt carry it, so I hid it in the bushes.

Old Master Ning was shocked by this pile of food.

What kind of good person did Ning Yue meet that could give away so much precious food and water

The others were also dumbfounded, then delighted!

“Grandpa, theres also some flour and salt.

Ill hide them not far away.

We have to hide the food and not let anyone know.” Ning Yue reminded Old Master Ning that he was the backbone of this big family.

Old Master Ning immediately instructed Eldest Brother Ning, “Quick, hide it in the cart!”

They had a cart that dragged everyones clothes.

If the old, weak, women, and children were not strong enough, they could get on the cart and sit for a while.

Eldest Brother Ning nodded and took the pile of items to the cart.

He pulled out a tattered shirt and wrapped it up, hiding it under the straw at the bottom.

A few bags of water were also hidden.

Ning Yue said to Third Uncle Ning, “Third Uncle, accompany me to get the other two bags!”

Third Brother Ning replied, “Okay.”

Then, Ning Yue found a place to get some food from the space and pretended to dig it out from a pile of withered grass.

Ning Guang saw all of this, but he did not find anything wrong.

He was simple-minded.

If Ning Yue said that it was given by a great philanthropist, then it was given by a great philanthropist.

He would not think that he did not see it with his own eyes, nor would he suspect anything.

When Ning Yue and Ning Laosan brought back two more bags filled with food, everyone was excited.

They felt that they had a chance to live.

Old Master Ning immediately decided to take out a few large steamed buns and distribute them to the children who were still growing and hadnt eaten their fill.

Then, he gave everyone some water and hid the rest of the food.

“These things are our guarantee of survival.

No one can tell anyone.

Do you understand” Old Master Ning lowered his voice and asked everyone.

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