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As soon as Old Master Ning left, Jiang Ying arrived.

He looked anxious as he looked for Gu Yu and Ning Yue.

“Divine Doctor Gu, I have something I need your help with.”

“What do you want” Gu Yu asked.

“Prince Qi and Prince Ning have joined forces to rebel.

Theyre about to take down the border city.”

At the mention of the border city, Jiang Yings face turned pale.

The border city was the most difficult city to take down.

If the border city fell, it wouldnt be long before they attacked the capital.

“The border citys geographical location is dangerous.

That shouldnt be the case.

Did someone in the border city betray us” Ning Yue asked.

If it wasnt a betrayal, she couldnt imagine why.

“Its poison.

Its a mixed poison that appeared twenty years ago,” Jiang Ying said.

This was also the reason why he had come to look for Gu Yu today.

The doctors and military doctors in the border city had already tried their best but were unable to detoxify the poison.

Now, their only hope was on Gu Yu.

Prince Qi and Prince Ning even said that even if they called Gu Yu over, he wouldnt be able to cure the poison.

As long as the border city surrendered, they would give the antidote.

There were countless casualties in the border city, and the corpses had not been dealt with properly.

They had already caused a plague.

If they did not ask Gu Yu to help, the people of the border city might not be able to survive.

“These two people really deserve to die!” Ning Yue gritted her teeth.

The people living in the border city were innocent.

They actually dared to use poison.

They were completely disregarding human lives!

Gu Yu frowned.

It wasnt that he didnt want to help, but from Jiang Yings description, that poison seemed to have been developed by him.

It was a poison without an antidote.

“Miracle Doctor, is there any difficulty” Seeing that Gu Yu was silent, Jiang Ying asked anxiously.

“Theyre right.

Even if I go, I wont be able to cure it.

I suspect that its a poison I developed when I was young.

Theres no antidote for this poison.” Gu Yu said.

When he was young, he liked to make poison and detoxify it the most.

After so many years, there was only one poison called Fallen that he couldnt detoxify.

Hearing Gu Yus words, Jiang Yings heart sank to the bottom.

“What should we do” Jiang Ying subconsciously looked at Ning Yue.

Ever since he had met Ning Yue, she had always been able to surprise him.

Now, he desperately hoped that this surprise would continue.

Ning Yue frowned.

She did have some simple medical equipment in her space that could analyze the composition of the poison.

After analyzing it, she could make an antidote.

However, could modern instruments develop poisons in this era

“Master, Ill go over.

I should have a way,” Ning Yue said.

“That wont do.

If you want to go, Ill go with you.” Gu Yu was worried about Ning Yue being alone.

On the battlefield, life and death were not guaranteed.

He couldnt let Ning Yue go alone.

“Master, its faster for me to travel alone.

If you follow me, I still have to take care of you on the way.

The situation at the front line is tense, so I have to rush over as quickly as possible.” Ning Yue rejected Gu Yu.

Gu Yu was so angry that he glared at her.

“Do you think Im getting in the way”

“Master, thats not what I meant,” Ning Yue explained with a frown.

“Of course I know thats not what you mean.

If thats really what you mean, Ill run away from home and not acknowledge you,” Gu Yu said angrily.

Ning Yue felt a wave of warmth in her heart.

“Master, I know youre worried about me, but its an emergency.

Ill go alone this time.

Ill definitely bring you along next time.

Besides, the family still needs your care.”

“Alright, alright.

I know Im in the way.

Ill go concoct some poison for you now.” With that, Gu Yu jogged back to the pharmacy room.

“Yueyue, thank you.

Ill set off tomorrow night.

You can follow my team,” Jiang Ying said.

“No, you set off first.

Ill catch up with you.

I have a lot to prepare.

If you wait for me, itll slow you down.”

She planned to use the car in her space to go to the front lines and return after dealing with the issue.

Ning Yue handed the two children to Madam He.

After telling Old Master Ning about the process of extracting oil, she went to pack her things.

She only said that she was going on a long trip, but did not say how long she would be gone for.

The Ning family was worried again.

That night, Ning Yue obtained a lot of poisonous powder from Gu Yu.

Taking advantage of the night, she carried a large backpack and left quietly.

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