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“Grandfather, seven of these carriages are gifts from Jiang Ying.

The rest are rewards from the palace.

I bought the rest.

See how you want to split them.”

“Eldest Uncle and Aunt, Yueyue has something to tell you.

Second Brother has decided to stay in the Generals Residence in the capital.

But dont worry, hell be fine.”

Hearing Ning Yues words, the eldest son of the Ning family and his wife, Madam Qu, looked at each other.

“Yueyue, your grandfather has already told us about this.

Thank you so much!” the eldest son of the Ning family said gratefully to Ning Yue.

Without Ning Yue, not to mention Erlang, it would be difficult for him to even stay in the capital.

“Thats good.

I was still worried that Eldest Uncle and Aunt would be worried about Second Brother and angry that I had taken matters into my own hands,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

When Madam Qu heard this, she quickly said, “What are you saying! Yueyue, youre a lucky person.

I believe that everything youve done is for this family.

Thank you so much.”

Look, there were more than ten carriages parked in the courtyard.

These were all brought to them by Ning Yue.

“Alright, lets not talk too much.

Rest first.

Its already very late tonight.” Old Master Ning waved his hand and gestured for everyone to return to their rooms to rest.

The others left, leaving only the Old Master and Madam He.

Only then did Ning Yue go to the carriage to take out the jewelry she had prepared early in the morning and the money rewarded by the emperor.

“Grandfather, I said before that I wanted to help everyone make a living.

Ive already thought of what to do.

These things will be our starting capital.

How about that”

Seeing so much silver and gold, Old Master Nings eyes widened.

“Yueyue, how, how did you get this”

How did she get it Ning Yue was stunned.

Old Masters words did not seem right.

“Grandpa, these are all rewards from the emperor.

Its the most suitable starting capital for us to earn money.

You can distribute the rest as you please!” As she spoke, Ning Yue stuffed the jewelry and money into Old Master Nings hands and brought the two children back to their rooms to rest.

After sitting in the carriage for a few days and not sleeping well, she was quite tired.

Old Master Ning was stunned, and his heart beat faster.

She had actually received a reward from the emperor.

This was the blessing of three lifetimes.

No, he had forgotten to ask Ning Yue what business she was going to do.

He was about to call out to her, but on second thought, it was already so late.

He should let Ning Yue rest first and ask tomorrow.

At night, Ning Yue and the two children had a good nights sleep, but Old Master Ning did not sleep much.

The next day, when Old Madam Ning woke up, she saw her man holding two large boxes of gold and silver in his hands and staring at her without moving.

“Oh my god! Could he be dead” Old Madam Ning nervously checked Old Master Nings pulse.

Fortunately, he was still alive.

“Old man, whats wrong with you” Old Madam Ning slapped Old Master Ning.

Only then did Old Master Ning come back to his senses and say excitedly, “This is a reward from the emperor! Yueyue brought it back!”

With a bang, Old Madam Ning fell to her knees.

“Can we use the things bestowed by the emperor” Old Madam Ning asked.

Shouldnt they be kept or worshiped

“What are you talking about This is money.

Of course it can be used,” Old Master Ning said angrily.

With that, Old Master Ning left the room with the gold and silver.

Coincidentally, Ning Yue already prepared breakfast.

He was quite tired after hugging these things to sleep all night.

“Yueyue, what do you plan to do for us” Old Master Ning asked.

“I think its not bad to extract oil.

I can teach you the way to extract oil.

As for who will manage it, its still up to Grandpa to consider.

Prince Jiang is also planning to cooperate with me to do another job and needs some manpower,” Ning Yue said.

Old Master Ning nodded and said hesitantly, “Will these two have any conflict”

“Grandpa, dont worry.

I know all of this.

They wont have any conflict.” Ning Yue did not explain in detail.

Seeing that Ning Yue had an idea, Old Master Ning did not ask further.

He hurriedly ate a few mouthfuls of breakfast, put away the gold and silver, and left.

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