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Gu Yu ignored him completely, making the person anxious.

In the end, he looked at Jiang Ying for help.

Looking at this persons face, Jiang Yings heart sank.

This person was the most trusted eunuch of the emperor.

He was usually by the emperors side.

Did something happen in the palace for him to suddenly come out

“Lord, lets go out and talk.” As he spoke, Jiang Ying tugged at the corner of Ning Yues shirt and gestured for her to go out together.

The eunuch did not say anything else and nodded in agreement.

The three of them walked out together.

Seeing that there was no one around, the eunuch hurriedly explained the situation to Jiang Ying.

“The Prince Qi and Prince Ning suddenly cant be contacted.

Moreover, its said that the cities in the fiefs of the two princes are all closed.

Theyre not allowed to enter or leave.

The emperor is saying that you passed by their fiefs when you escaped.

He wants to ask if youve noticed anything unusual”

The eunuchs words made Ning Yue frown.

Along the way, be it the Prince Qi or King Lings fief, everything was fine.

However, they did not enter the city to take a closer look, nor did they dare to make any rash claims.

“Its true that they dont allow people to enter the city, but ever since the drought and the refugees fled, this has been a normal phenomenon,” Jiang Ying said.

“Master knows everything youre talking about.

Its just that this phenomenon started to improve after you entered the capital.

It has started again recently, and the two princes cant be contacted, so Master suspects…”

He did not finish his sentence.

At this point, he understood everything that needed to be understood.

Jiang Yings expression immediately changed.

“How dare they!”

“Theyre anxious.” Ning Yue analyzed calmly.

“I suspect that this has something to do with the Generals Residence and the Marquis of Ans Residence.

Behind the Marquis of An is Prince Ning.

Prince Ning might not succeed in rebelling alone, but with the addition of Prince Qi, the success rate will greatly increase.

Therefore, its not strange for them to cooperate.”

Jiang Ying was already mentally prepared for this.

When he heard Ning Yues words, he felt that it was finally here.

The eunuch was shocked by Ning Yues words, and his expression turned very serious.

If the two princes really wanted to rebel, they had to be fully prepared.

Suddenly, Ning Yue remembered something and asked the eunuch, “Why are you looking for my master”

“This is the emperors idea.

Im just a messenger.

I dont dare to speculate on my own.”

Although the other partys mouth was extremely tight and she couldnt ask anything, Ning Yue had heard from Jiang Ying that the Crown Prince was in charge of all the matters in the court now.

Coupled with todays sudden question, Ning Yue had a bad guess.

Could it be that the emperor wanted to abdicate to the Crown Prince at this time This was a huge gamble.

“Go back.” Jiang Ying took out a money bag from his pocket and handed it to the eunuch.

The eunuch took the money bag.

Actually, he did not want it because Jiang Ying had always been very poor and usually did not give him gifts.

Even if he did, it would be some silver.

How could he have the cheek to take it However, after Jiang Ying handed the money bag to him, he left with Ning Yue.

He could not refuse.

The eunuch returned to the carriage with the money bag.

He was about to take out the silver pieces and put them into his own money bag, but the moment he opened it, he was stunned.

Gold! It was actually gold! There was also a banknote worth a hundred taels!

Oh God!

Was he dreaming Prince Jiang had actually become rich!

No! He had to go back and talk to the emperor.

Otherwise, the emperor would always pretend to be poor in front of them.

There was no need to act at all.

He could just ask directly.

At the thought of this, the eunuch ordered someone to speed up, wishing he could fly back to the palace immediately.

While Ning Yue and Jiang Ying were out, the Ning family had also dispersed.

The villagers had all returned, leaving only the Ning family.

“Yueyue, I still have something on, so Ill go back first.

Remember to help me pass the things in the carriage to my family.” With that, Jiang Ying left.

Ning Yue was speechless.

He spoke too smoothly, as if everyone in the Ning family was his family.

However… this feeling was not bad.

Ning Yue walked back to the living room in a happy mood, as if they had expected Jiang Ying to leave.

They were not surprised at all.

“Did Young Master Jiang go back” Old Master Ning asked.

“Yes, he still has something to do,” Ning Yue replied, then glanced at the carriages that had already been unloaded in the courtyard.

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