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Yang Guangs heart itched when he saw this.

There were many good things in the capital.

He could go and broaden his horizons, but thinking about it, she had just returned.

It wouldnt be good to go over directly.

Ning Bai did not have as many thoughts as Yang Guang.

In any case, he had to call Old Master Ning Second Uncle.

Moreover, on this trip, in addition to broadening his horizons, he could also ask Ning Yue about letting everyone in the Ning family village get a job before he went to the capital.

Ning Yue and Madam He got out of the carriage.

Old Master Ning had mixed feelings.

When Ning Guang saw that his wife and daughter had returned, he did not know what to say.

“Daughter-in-law,” Ning Guang greeted.

Seeing Ning Guangs appearance, Ning Yue was surprised.

Ning Guang looked much more awake.

It seemed that the medicine prescribed by Divine Doctor Gu was indeed effective.

Ning Yue exchanged a few pleasantries with her family before going back to her room.

It was also at this moment that everyone realized that Jiang Ying had been following behind Ning Yue.

Old Master Ning quickly pulled Jiang Ding aside and said that it had been hard on him.

He had troubled him to take care of Madam He and Ning Yue along the way.


Jiang Ying was also chatting with Old Master Ning with a smile.

In the end, Xiaobei suddenly called him father, causing everyone to fall silent.

Under everyones stunned gazes, Jiang Yi reached out his hand and naturally picked her up.

In the end, everyone came back to their senses after Xiaobei called him father.

Old Master Ning hurriedly got someone to greet Jiang Ying, and he pulled Ning Yue towards the back hall.

“Yueyue, tell me honestly.

Whats going on between you and Young Master Jiang”

Actually, Madam He already knew the background of these two children.

There was no reason for her to hide it from Old Master Ning.

Therefore, she told him that Jiang Ying was the childs father.

Of course, she hid some repulsive stories, such as the matter of the Generals residence drugging him.

Old Master Ning was stunned when he heard this.

After confirming that the two children were Jiang Yings children, he was depressed.

At first, he had thought that no matter who the childs father was, it would be easy to snatch him away even though they had raised them for so long.

But Jiang Ying should be the heir of Prince Jin! Xiaobao and Xiaobei were also the heirs children.

How could he compete

“Is Young Master Jiang very good to the two children” Old Master Ning asked with uncertainty.

“Hes quite good.

In the future, he should be coming to our house often.

We can see him.

By the way, Grandfather, Second Brother is staying in the capital.

I asked him to stay in the Generals Residence.”

Then, Ning Yue told Old Master Ning everything about the generals residence.

Old Master Ning sighed when he heard this.

The Generals Residence had fallen just like that.

“Ill tell your uncle and auntie about this.

In addition, I suggest that each family split some of the things in the carriage.

Everyone has seen you enter the village with such a big commotion.”

“Okay, Grandpa.

There are only two carriages with items.

I brought the rest back for our family to share,” Ning Yue said.

As for how the items in the two carriages should be divided, and who to distribute them to, that was up to Old Master Ning.

After Ning Yue and the old master left, everyone exchanged pleasantries.

Ning Yue asked Jiang Yings men to help unload the goods.

Without another word, Jiang Yings dozen or so guards immediately helped.

Jiang Ying looked at them in shock.

It had only been a few days, but they were already familiar with each other.

As soon as Ning Yue spoke, they agreed to help.

The Ning family was very lively that day.

The old master had even organized a banquet to welcome Ning Yue.

That night, the Ning family invited everyone else from Laifu Village, including the village chief of Laifu Village, Yang Guang.

Ning Yue also took out the wine that she had brewed herself.

Jiang Ying drank it and saw a business opportunity.

He quietly asked Ning Yue if he could sell the home-brewed fruit wine.

“Of course.

If I dont want sell it, why would I hoard so much” Ning Yue replied with a smile.

As she had drunk some wine, Ning Yues face was flushed.

At this moment, someone from the capital came to look for Gu Yu.

“Why are people from the capital looking for me” Gu Yu said unhappily.

“Old Divine Physician, Im here on Masters orders to seek your help.” The person was unwilling to reveal his identity in front of the villagers of the Ning family, so he could only beat around the bush.

Besides, what he wanted to say was confidential.

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