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Looking at his children, Jiang Ying felt happy.

He had never thought that he would have a child, or even a child with Ning Yue.

It felt good.

“Why are they eating pastries” Ning Yue couldnt help but purse her lips as she looked at the pastries.

The pastries were delicious, but they were on the road.

They would get tired of them.

Fortunately, she was prepared.

At the thought of this, she went to a carriage filled with things and dug out charcoal, pots, and some simple stands.

These were all things from her space, but they were common on the streets.

Jiang Ying wanted to step forward to help, but other than knowing how to carry things, he didnt know anything else.

He could only watch Ning Yue do it.

After a while, a simple stove was set up.

“Use this charcoal to keep you warm.

Get someone to get some firewood later,” Ning Yue said to Jiang Ying.

When Jiang Ying heard this, he hurriedly called two guards to find firewood.

The two guards who were called looked at each other.

They were guards, not woodcutters.

However, since their master had ordered it, they still had to go.

Then, Ning Yue took out a few folding wooden tables and folding cutting board tools.

Jiang Ying was dumbfounded.

Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yues skilled movements.

For some reason, he felt that Ning Yue seemed to live outdoors all year round.

Ning Yue did not know what Jiang Ying was thinking.

After taking out the food and tools, she began to get busy with Madam He.

Initially, the two guards had some complaints because they had been called to chop firewood.

However, when they saw that Ning Yue was about to prepare a sumptuous dinner, the complaints in their hearts disappeared.

Soon, lunch for nearly twenty people was ready.

Of course, there was also Gu Yus favorite mutton.

People in ancient times did not know how to handle mutton.

The good mutton was very thick.

Ever since Ning Yue said that she knew how to make it and it was delicious, Gu Yu had completely fallen in love with this taste.

After eating Ning Yues food, he was no longer in the mood to eat outside.

The few guards were especially touched by the food.

They had never thought that with their status, they could eat from the same pot as their master.

These things were also really delicious!

That afternoon, everyone finished their food.

These guards were also honest people.

They went to find clean spring water and even helped Ning Yue pack a lot.

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