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“Mother, you dont know this, right Every time I enter the palace with Master, the emperor rewards me with money.

We wont be able to use all this money in this lifetime! Buying this is nothing,” Ning Yue explained to Madam He with a smile.

Not long after returning home today, the emperors reward came.

There were a total of two carriages.

Madam He knew that there was a lot of money and things rewarded, but she did not know that Ning Yue had not spent the money rewarded.

Ning Yue also planned to take advantage of the emperors reward to take out forty to fifty pieces of gold jewelry from the space and give them all to Old Master Ning in the name of rewards.

Once she returned, she planned to arrange a livelihood for everyone in the Ning Family Village.

Just the brewing of wine alone might not be enough for everyone to participate.

Therefore, in the future, she planned to do medicinal makeup.

Womens money was the easiest to earn, especially in towns with good living conditions.

Moreover, she could hire the people from the Ning Family Village to help her and get rich together.

She had planned to hand over full responsibility for the oil workshop to Old Master Ning.

The silver that the emperor had rewarded her and the gold and jewelry that she had taken out would be used as starting capital for Old Master Ning.

Thinking of the future, Ning Yue felt very happy.

Looking at the smile on Ning Yues face, Madam He couldnt help but laugh.

In the end, her daughter was still the best.

That night, the mother and daughter exchanged a lot of heartfelt words.

Madam He mainly wanted to know what Jiang Ying was thinking about Ning Yue.

Ning Yue did not answer.

How could she know what he was thinking In any case, it was good that he did not have bad intentions.

As time passed, the two of them almost chatted until the latter half of the night.

If Ning Yue hadnt deliberately said that she was sleepy, Madam He might have pulled her along to chat until dawn.

The next day, Ning Yue had a pair of dark circles under her eyes, but Madam He woke up early in high spirits to make breakfast for everyone.

An Ning was also here.

After breakfast this time, it was time for her to say goodbye to them.

“Yueyue, you have to take good care of yourself.

Promise Grandmother that youll come and visit her when you have the chance in the future,” An Ning said reluctantly.

Ning Yue also had a sour feeling.

Parting was the last thing she could stand.

Although they werent very far apart, it wasnt easy to see each other again.

“Grandmother, you have to take good care of yourself too.

Cousin and Second Brother, you have to help me take good care of Grandmother.

Dont let her suffer,” Ning Yue said to the two of them.

Liu Xuan and Erlang agreed repeatedly.

They also knew that it was all thanks to Ning Yue and An Ning that they could enter the generals residence.

They knew what to do.

The group bid farewell for a long time before leaving.

Jiang Ying had been waiting at the city gate for a long time.

From afar, Ning Yue saw Jiang Ying waiting with six to seven carriages and more than ten guards.

“Young Master Jiang, why are you leaving the capital too” Ning Yue asked Jiang Ying in confusion.

“Theres something on the fief.

I have to go back and take a look.” Jiang Ying casually said a lie.

Actually, he was just worried about Ning Yue.

He wanted to send her to the Ning family village before making plans.

“Then what are you…” Ning Yue pointed at the six or seven carriages behind him.

“This is a small gift for Grandpa and a few uncles,” Jiang Ying said with a smile.

Grandfather and Uncles Ning Yue frowned.

Wasnt Jiang Yings grandfather dead

Seeing Ning Yues confusion, Jiang Ying said, “Its your grandfather and uncles.”

Ning Yue was speechless.

“Thats easy for you to say.”

She had thought that Jiang Ying was talking about someone else.


A small gift for her grandfather and a few uncles

Ning Yue was stunned.

He called the items in these six or seven carriages small gifts

“Alright, Yueyue, lets not delay.

Ive already sent a letter to tell Grandpa that well be there in three days.”

It was obvious that Ning Yue wanted to say something else, so Jiang Ying quickly said that they should hurry on.

Ning Yue glanced at Jiang Yings six or seven carriages before returning to her own.

In the carriage, Madam He was already so shocked that she couldnt speak.

She could already tell what Prince Jiang was thinking when he cared so much about their family.

However, Madam He wanted to know if he would be devoted to Ning Yue.

When it was time to eat, Jiang Ying took some pastries that he had bought in the capital.

“Xiaobao and Xiaobei, eat something first.” Jiang Ying squatted down and placed the pastries in the hands of the two children.

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