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Hearing Gu Yus words, Ning Yue paused in her eating.

She seemed to suddenly understand.

“Master, thank you,” Ning Yue said apologetically.

Although she didnt know exactly what her grandmother was going to do, she was willing to do her best to protect her.

“Second Brother and Cousin, I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

“Cousin, what do you want Cousin to help you with” Liu Xuans expression turned serious when he saw Ning Yues serious expression.

“You all want to take the path of a general.

The Generals Residence can help you, but you should have heard about what happened in the Generals Residence recently.

The emperor has exiled everyone except General Zhenbei, and my grandmother has returned to the Generals Residence at this time.

Im worried about her.

If you choose to go to the Generals Residence, I want you to take good care of my grandmother,” Ning Yue said.

Although she did not want to admit it, at the moment, it was the best choice for Liu Xuan and Erlang to stay in the Generals Residence.

Not only could it pave the way for their future, but it could also give her grandmother an additional guarantee.

Hearing Ning Yues words, Liu Xuan and Erlang looked at each other.

“Yueyue, were still outsiders after all.

Its a little unreasonable for us to stay in the generals residence,” Erlang said.

Ning Yue smiled.

“Whats wrong with that Cousin is from my mothers family, and Second Brother is from the Ning Family Village.

If it werent for Grandfather picking me up back then, Im afraid I would have starved to death outside.”

Only Old Master Ning, Gu Yu, Madam He, and Jiang Ying knew that she had been sent to the Ning family village by Liu Yun.

She did not intend to tell anyone else too much.

“Im the only legitimate young miss of the General Residence.

Youre my benefactors and my family.

Its only right for the General Residence to keep you,” Ning Yue said.

“This…” Erlang thought for a moment and did not dare to make a decision immediately until Jiang Ying said, “If you stay in the generals residence and become officials in the future, wont you be able to support Ning Yue in the future”


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