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“Alright, Master.

Ill go shopping on the street first.

You guys go back first,” Ning Yue said to Gu Yu.

She wanted to take out some of the things in the space, but she was also worried that it would arouse suspicion if she did so.

She might as well buy five carriages and pretend to shop while taking the opportunity to put the things in the space in the carriage and hire someone to drive.

Along the way, the carriages moved on the streets of the capital.

Passers-by exclaimed.

Even in a place like the capital that was filled with gold, not many people could buy a large number of carriages.

When the carriages returned home, Madam He was stunned by this scene.

“Yueyue, why did you buy so many things”

“When we go back tomorrow, I plan to buy some gifts for everyone,” Ning Yue said with a smile.

Madam He was speechless.

Why hadnt she realized that her daughter was so generous She had bought everything from the five large carriages just like that.

There were probably so many things that the rooms wouldnt be able to accommodate them.

Just as Madam He was about to say something, Ning Feng suddenly arrived.

When Madam He saw Ning Feng, she said to Ning Yue, “Ill go prepare lunch.

Have a good chat with your father.” With that, Madam He turned around and left.

Ning Yue looked at Ning Feng and did not say anything.

Instead, Ning Feng spoke first.

“Im here to bring your grandmother back.”

“Ill talk to Grandmother.” At this moment, Ning Yues heart was a little heavy.

No matter what, she was unwilling to let her return to the Generals Residence.

However, since An Ning had chosen to return, she could only respect her.

“Yueyue, arent you willing to call me” Ning Feng stopped her.

Ning Yue stopped in her tracks, but did not stop.

She went to call An Ning out.

An Ning did not say anything else.

She packed some clothes and planned to leave with Ning Feng.

“Grandmother, are you really going back” Ning Yue asked.

“Dont worry, Ill settle your cousin and second brother down before I go back,” said An Ning with a smile.

When Ning Yue heard this, she knew that An Ning had misunderstood.

She quickly explained, “Grandmother, thats not what I meant.

I just…”

“Yueyue, I know how much you care for me.

Its just that I have my own things to do.

Dont worry about me.”

After saying that, An Ning looked at Ning Feng.

“Have you read all my letters”

Ning Feng nodded.

“Mother, Ive seen everything, but I have to ask Ning Yue for her opinion.”

“Your grandmother and I want your cousin and second brother to study in the Generals Residence.

Both of them want to become generals.

If they go back with you, they still have the Generals Residence to rely on,” Ning Feng said.

Ning Yue was in a dilemma.

Letting Erlang and Liu Xuan go to the generals residence was undoubtedly the best choice, but she did not want to owe the generals residence a favor.

However, on second thought, shouldnt she ask the people involved

“Lets go back tomorrow.

Ill give an tomorrow.” Ning Yue sighed.

Seeing Ning Yues hesitation, Ning Feng said, “Yueyue, in this world, we cant do as we please.

I did something wrong, but Im making up for it now.

Please give me a chance.”

Ning Yue fell silent.

She did not know if she should give him this chance.

Logically speaking, she did not want to care about Ning Feng, but An Ning was going back to the Generals Residence.

She could ignore Ning Feng, but she could not ignore An Ning.

“Alright, we dont have to say much on the surface.

Come and send Yueyue off tomorrow.

Yueyue, you have to wait for Grandmother.

Well go back after dinner,” An Ning said to Ning Yue.

Originally, she could have returned to the Generals Residence after a while, but many things had happened recently, so she couldnt delay it.

After An Ning returned, Ning Yues heart had been heavy.

She really wanted to know her grandmothers true intentions for returning to the Generals Residence.

She was very worried.

When it was time for dinner, Ning Yue was still distracted.

Gu Yu said, “If youre worried, take her away.”

Ning Yue smiled bitterly.

If only she could take her away.

An Ning was determined to stay in the Generals Residence.

What could she do

“Yueyue, its not that this world cant survive without you.

Others have their own things to do.” Gu Yu said.

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