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Already barely able to sit up, Xiaochi nodded obediently.

Jiang Ying, who should have been sitting in the carriage, was now steering the carriage with Uncle Su.

He had no complaints.

Ning Yue had saved Xiaochi, so giving her a ride was a small matter.

After a while, Ning Yue lifted the curtains and looked outside.

She vaguely saw flames.

There was someone there!

It was very likely that they were from the Ning family.

Ning Yue became excited and immediately said to Jiang Ying, “Please move towards the fire.”

Jiang Ying didnt answer, but the carriage did hurry towards the fire.

They arrived soon.

“Were here.” Jiang Ying called Ning Yue out.

Ning Yue quickly jumped off the carriage, and Ning Guang followed closely behind.

“Alright, goodbye.

Well meet again.” Ning Yue had the aura of a martial artist as she cupped her fists and bade farewell.

Not long ago, Jiang Ying had left her a bronze token with the word “Jiang” engraved on it as a token of appreciation between the two of them.

In the future, if she really encountered trouble and needed Jiang Yings help, she could bring this bronze token to see him.

After helping her, he would take it back.

Ning Yue asked, “Then where should I find you”

“Any bank in the Tianyun Kingdom will naturally inform me with the bronze token as the signal,” Jiang Ying replied.

What kind of person could be related to the bank of the entire Tianyun Kingdom Ning Yue was secretly shocked, but she was also glad that she had found the right target.

Jiang Ying watched the father and daughter leave with deep eyes.

Then he returned to the carriage and instructed Uncle Su, “Go back.”

As the carriage left, Jiang Ying calmed down.

He licked his dry lips and considered finding a water source on the way back.

He instinctively reached for his water bag and found it heavy and full.

The other water bags were also full.

Where did the water come from

“Xiaochi, where did this water come from” Jiang Ying asked curiously.

“Sister Ning must have given it to us just now.

I heard the sound of her pouring water, but I was too tired to open my eyes and see clearly,” Xiaochi replied.

Jiang Ying found it even stranger.

That woman clearly didnt bring anything with her when she got into the carriage.

Why was there so much water

Was she hiding it all on her Did she have that good a disguise

However, at such a time, it was indeed a great kindness to be able to give others so much clean water selflessly.

Jiang Ying was deep in thought.

He picked up the water bag and took a sip.

He realized that the water was very sweet and cool.

It went all the way down his throat to his internal organs, making him feel refreshed.

He was probably so thirsty that he thought the water was sweet, Jiang Ying thought.


On the other side, Ning Yue and Ning Guang walked towards the fire.

There were many figures there, and they really looked like they were from the Ning family.

“Father! Mother!” Ning Guangs eyes were sharp.

He immediately saw Old Master Ning and Old Madam Ning and shouted happily.

Madam He, who was crying non-stop, immediately stood up.

“Husband! Is my husband back!”

The children also heard it.

They saw a figure in the darkness and pointed in that direction excitedly.

“Its Daddy! Daddy and Sister are back!”

Instantly, everyone in the family was surprised and looked in the same direction at the same time.

Old Master Ning and Old Madam Ning were also pleasantly surprised.

They stood up and walked forward.

“Is Brother back Little Yue, is that you”

This was last night.

Just now, the village chief of the Ning Family Village also came and told Old Master Ning that they couldnt wait for Ning Yue and the others, and they would have to set off early tomorrow morning.

Everyones supplies were already severely insufficient, and it would become more and more troublesome if they waited any longer.

The only way to survive was to set off as soon as possible and find a place where there was no drought.

That night, the hearts of the Ning family members were heavy and sad.

They felt that they had lost a few important family members.

In this chaotic period, they all tacitly agreed that Ning Yue and Ning Guang had already been killed.

“Father!” Ning Guangs figure finally appeared clearly.

He hugged Old Master Ning excitedly.

Ning Yue appeared in front of everyone with the children on her back.

She smiled as the family surrounded her.

Madam He rushed over and after checking that she was not injured, she hugged her tightly.

Tears streamed down her face.

“Yueyue, my daughter, Im so glad youre fine.

Im so glad youre back.


Before this, Madam He had lost the courage to live countless times.

If not for her three sons, she would have killed herself and gone to heaven with her husband and daughter.

Fortunately, the heavens had blessed her.

She did not dare to let go, afraid that Ning Yue would disappear again!

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