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“Prince, my stomach is a little uncomfortable.

I wonder where I can…” Ning Yue whispered into Jiang Yings ear.

Jiang Ying asked Marquis An, “Marquis An, this is General Zhenbeis daughter.

She heard that something had happened to your family, so she followed me here.”

“General Zhenbei” Marquis An stopped crying and repeated these words.

He looked at Ning Yue and thought for a long time before remembering who she was.

“You, youre Ning Yue” Marquis An asked in surprise.

“Yes, I heard from Prince Jiang that something had happened to the An family.

I was worried and came over to take a look,” Ning Yue replied with a smile.

Only Ning Yue herself knew how much hatred she had in her heart.

Actually, the An family was the instigator of everything.

They had forced the General Residence into such a state by manipulating An Yuan.

Ning Yue really wanted to know who was the mastermind behind the An family.

Marquis An was just a marquis with a title and no real power.

He did not have that much ability.

With everything in the An Residence, he could not turn the generals residence upside down.

“Youre a good child, but Granduncle hasnt had time to visit you.

Im really sorry.

You just said that your stomach isnt feeling well.

Do you want me to call a doctor to take a look” Marquis An pretended to be concerned and asked Ning Yue.

“No need.

I just ate something bad.

Ill just go to the toilet,” Ning Yue said.

“Im really sorry for embarrassing myself in front of Granduncle,” Ning Yue said apologetically.

“Since you call me Granduncle, were family.

Whats there to be embarrassed about Ill get someone to bring you there now.” As he spoke, Marquis An called a servant to accompany Ning Yue.

He happened to have something to tell Jiang Ying and wanted to find out what he meant.

It would be very inconvenient if Ning Yue was present.

Ning Yue followed the servant all the way to the toilet.

She said to the servant, “Go ahead and do your work.

Ill go back later.”

“Alright, Ill get busy now.” With that, the servant left.

Ning Yue pretended to stand in the toilet for a while.

When she heard no movement outside the door, she left.

The toilet that the servant had brought her to was in a different direction from the study in the An Residence.

If she couldnt enter the study at night, what about during the day

Ning Yue thought for a moment and came to the study door of the An Residence according to her memory.

As something big had happened in the An Residence, the servants were all busy.

No one noticed Ning Yue along the way.

Ning Yue put on gloves and a gas mask and pushed open the study door.

When the door was opened, Ning Yue realized that there was nothing special about the study.

It was similar to the study in the Generals Residence.

However, since Marquis An had it designed so that it could not be seen clearly at night, it meant that there was definitely something strange about the study.

At the thought of this, Ning Yue walked in carefully.

After reading a few books, Ning Yue did not find anything wrong.

Perhaps there was a secret passage

At the thought of this, Ning Yue fiddled around and finally found a secret passage.

Ning Yue restored the study to its original state before entering the secret passage.

This way, even if someone entered the study, she could hide in the space and no one would notice her existence.

There was nothing special in the secret passage.

Ning Yue observed for a while before walking in.

After taking a few steps, Ning Yue realized that there were actually many dead cockroaches and rats in the secret passage.

It seemed that Marquis An must have placed poison in the secret passage.

Fortunately, she was more cautious and wore a gas mask.

Not long after entering the secret passage, she reached the end.

This place was like a second study, nothing special.

Ning Yue went to the desk to take a look and realized that it was filled with correspondence with someone.

On a closer look, these were all letters from Prince Ning telling Marquis An to do things.

Some of the letters mentioned the Generals Residence.

It seemed that Prince Ning was behind Marquis An!

What Ning Yue did not know was that not long after she entered the secret passage, Marquis An received an alarm.

He looked at the remaining rockery in the courtyard, his heart in his throat.

He abandoned Jiang Ying and hurriedly ran out.

“Where did Miss Ning Yue go Didnt you follow her”

Jiang Ying looked at Marquis An in confusion, then at the courtyard.

He realized that the flowing water on the rockery in the courtyard had stopped flowing.

His heart skipped a beat.

Not good.

Ning Yue was probably discovered trying to sneak into somewhere!

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