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The Empress Dowager analyzed all the problems seriously.

“At that time, will Ning Yue still choose to get married as part of the Generals Residence Of course not.

If you go back, it will be different.

With your name, Ning Yue will care no matter what.”

The Empress Dowager did not explain everything clearly.

With Ning Yues current status as a farmers daughter, it was impossible for her to marry into the Prince Jins Residence.

An Ning fell silent.

She hadnt thought about these questions.

She could tell that Jiang Ying liked the two children and Ning Yue.

Ning Yue was more or less interested in Jiang Ying.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have tacitly agreed that Jiang Ying would enter and leave the house every day.

“Let me think about it,” An Ning said, frowning.

On the one hand, it was for Ning Yue.

On the other hand, she really did not want to return to that sad place.

“Im not asking you to go back.

What I mean is that when you go back, you can tell the outside world that you want to go sightseeing.

When the time comes, no one will say anything about you whether youre really going out for fun or to live with Ning Yue.” The Empress Dowager felt An Nings heart waver a little, so she added fuel to the fire.

“In addition, theres one more thing about your An family.

The emperor suspects that the An family is an informant sent by a certain prince to the capital.”

The Empress Dowager said a piece of heavy news that shocked An Ning so much that her eyes widened.

“No, no, no.

I grew up in the An family.

Why didnt I notice that the An family was in contact with any prince”

The Empress Dowager sneered.

“There are many things you dont know.

You and your sister are both pawns of the An family.

Its just that your sister is more useful to them, so they kept her until now.”

“I found out from the emperor that at that time, the An family had issued a must-kill order on you.

It was your sister who hid it from the An family and gave you the medicine to fake your death, which allowed you to live.

Of course, all of this was investigated recently.” The Empress Dowager was worried that An Ning would misunderstand something, so she explained further.

“In that case, I have to thank my good sister.” Thinking of the suffering she had suffered during that period, An Nings entire body trembled.

“Your sister didnt want you to die so easily, so she asked you to stay.

The An family doesnt know about this.

Now that the truth has been exposed, the An family should be preparing to find you.”

An Ning did not answer.

She had seen some hidden hints recently, but she wanted to ignore them.

“Youre also pretending to be crazy, right” the Empress Dowager asked.

“Yes, or she would have tortured me with even crazier tactics,” An Ning said.

“And you didnt think to escape” the empress dowager asked again.

“At first, I just wanted to wait for my husband and son to save me.

Later, she told me that she was pregnant with Ning Zhengs child and was going to marry him.

From then on, she would tell me about their loving relationship.

At that time, I almost went crazy.”

“I really didnt want to hear it.

I really wanted to run away.

Ive tried to run, but Ive never succeeded.

Every time I fail, Ill be beaten badly.

Im afraid.

In the end, I choose to pretend to be crazy.

You know what happened after that.”

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