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“Mother, its only right for me to kneel.

Youre the only Old Madam in the Generals Residence, and youre my only mother!”

When Ning Feng said this, Ning Yue clearly saw tears in his eyes.

Men did not cry easily unless they were depressed.

Ning Feng must have regretted it.


I wont return to the Generals Residence with you,” said An Ning.

“Mother, youre the only Old Madam in the Generals Residence.

If you dont go back, what will happen to me” Ning Feng was anxious.

How could he let his mother wander outside

“Do you know how much despair I was in when I realized I wasnt dead I prayed every day.

I prayed that the heavens would let you and your father discover that I was still alive.

Its been more than twenty years and none of you have discovered it.

No one has come looking for me.

It was Yueyue who found me and saved me from hell.”

“I blame your father and you for this.

Youve already grown up.

Youre almost in charge of the generals residence.

If it werent for your momentary negligence, wouldnt you have known that I was being moved out”

“The tombs you built for me are all empty.

All these years, you actually didnt realize.

Thats why my heart is dead.

I wont return to that place in the Generals Residence that makes my heart ache.”

An Ning cried when she said this, and tears kept falling.

Ning Feng was also crying.

He kept kowtowing to An Ning.

“Mother, I was wrong.

I was wrong.

Please forgive me.”

“Alright, stop kowtowing.” An Ning stopped Ning Feng.

“After being saved by Yueyue, Ive also thought it through.

I dont blame or hate you, so theres no need for us to meet again.

I planned to see you this time because Yueyue said something.

You dont have to come again.”

Just as Ning Feng was about to say something, An Ning started chasing him away.

“Mother, punish me.

You cant abandon me.” Ning Feng was unwilling to leave.

Ning Yue felt upset.

The dignified Great General Zhen Bei was actually crying like a child.

An Ning was about to say something when a dignified female voice came in.

“I was wondering who it was.

So it was General Zhenbei.”

The three of them looked over at the same time.

They did not expect the person to be the Empress Dowager.


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