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Cozying Up to Someone Powerful

In the carriage, Ning Yue lit a candle and took out her first aid kid.

When she opened it, there were various medicinal tools inside.

The most eye-catching was a row of silver needles, dozens of them large and small.

She unbuttoned the boys shirt and was shocked to see that his weak chest was also turning green-gray.

The poison had almost completely corroded his chest.

When all his internal organs were poisoned and rotten, this child would be completely finished.

Even the gods would not be able to save him.

Ning Yue frowned.

She picked up a silver needle and thought carefully for a long time before inserting it into an acupoint.

Black blood immediately oozed from the silver needle, along with a stench.

She held her breath as she inserted the needle, afraid that if she didnt pay attention, she would kill this child.

Time passed.

Ning Yue was completely immersed in the treatment and did not notice the time.

Her body was covered in cold sweat and her knees were sore.

Her waist hurt.

“Eldest Young Master, this person has been treating Little Young Master for so long, but theres no movement.

Do you want to go and take a look!” Uncle Su couldnt hold it in anymore.

He felt that Ning Yue didnt look like she knew medicine, but was an assassin.

In fact, Jiang Ying was also worried.

His slightly pale face was stained with a cold haze.

He stared at the carriage.

If anything happened to Xiaochi, he would immediately kill these people!

Even if he felt unusually fond of the children in his arms, he would still kill them, because no matter how cute they were, they had nothing to do with him.

“Wait a little longer.” But another voice in Jiang Yings heart told him that he could give that woman a little more time.

When Ning Guang heard Uncle Sus words, he knew that his daughter was in danger.

He rushed towards the carriage anxiously.

“Yueyue, theres a baddie.


Uncle Su stepped forward to stop Ning Guang and threw him to the ground.

In the carriage, Ning Yue heard Ning Guangs shout and pulled out the last silver needle.

The unconscious boy slowly opened his eyes.

When he saw Ning Yue, he said weakly, “Water… water…”

Was she thirsty Ning Yue saw a water bag at the side and picked it up to feed the little boy, but she realized that there was not much water left.

During the drought, water was more precious than other food.

Ning Yue fed the little boy the remaining water in the water bag.

After the little boy drank the water, his lips returned to being pale and no longer purple-black.

Then he closed his eyes to rest.

Ning Yue thought that since she wanted to cozy up to someone powerful, she might as well go all out.

She took out water from her space and filled all the water bags in the carriage.

There were at least ten liters in total.

It should be enough for them to drink to their fill.

The boy kept his eyes closed and did not see Ning Yues movements, but he heard the sound of water being poured.

“Phew, Im finally done.” Ning Yue glanced at the little boy before jumping out of the carriage.

Her knees were numb from squatting for so long, and she almost fell to the ground.

Ning Guang saw it and ran towards her.

His heart ached as he helped her up.

“Yueyue, does it hurt”

“Im fine.” Ning Yue smiled at Ning Guang and walked towards Jiang Ying.

“Its done.

Go and see him.”

Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yue suspiciously.

He didnt return the children to her but carried them to the carriage.

If Ning Yue dared to lie to him, these two children would die.

Jiang got into the carriage and lifted the curtain.

Xiaochi was still lying in the carriage.

He tried to call out, “Xiaochi”

“Uncle…” Xiaochi managed to lift his head.

Although he looked pale and weak, he no longer showed signs of being poisoned.

It seemed that he had really been cured!

Jiang Ying was very shocked.

He had seen many doctors for Xiaochis illness, but they were all helpless.

But Ning Yue actually cured him in just two hours

He backed out of the carriage and handed the children back to Ning Yue.

“I meant what I said.

I owe you one.”

“More friends means more options in life.

It was nice to meet you!” Ning Yue took the children and smiled brightly.

Uncle Su could not believe it.

He went to the carriage to check and was immediately excited.

“This lady really cured the young master.

Shes even better than the old divine doctor!”

He had refused to let her treat him just now, but now he was flattering her politely.

Ning Yue smiled.

“You flatter me.

I only know a little about detoxification.”

How could she know a little She used to be a legend in Chinese medicine.

Jiang Ying looked at Ning Yue meaningfully.

“Why are you guys in the forest at night”

This was a good question.

Ning Yue took the opportunity to get on the carriage.

She was indeed too lazy to walk anymore, but it seemed ridiculous to take out a mountain carriage from her space.

In the carriage, Ning Yue carried the children and instructed Xiaochi with a smile, “When you go back, take care of your health and eat lightly.

You have to eat the medicine three times a day according to my prescription for three months, understand”

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