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“Hey! Old man! Those things were left behind by your son.

How can you let your two grandchildren play with them Also, if you dont know how to speak, dont speak.

No one will treat you as a mute!”

“Im going shopping tomorrow.

Are you going If not, give me the money!”

The Princess Consort was so angry that she roared at the prince.

At the side, Uncle Su couldnt help but want to laugh.

His lord didnt know anything about such a small matter like giving gifts.

They were no longer surprised by the princess consorts roar.

In this lifetime, the Princess Consort was definitely going to take advantage of their Lord.

Ning Yue had no idea that Prince Jin and Princess Consort Jin had seen her leaving with Jiang Ying.

She brought Jiang Ying home.

Gu Yu was already waiting at the door.

The old man was quite skilled.

As soon as the carriage arrived, he immediately got into it.

“Hurry up and go into the palace.

I came out of the palace and took some of the emperors food.

I was poisoned after eating it.

I suspect that theres something wrong with your people in the palace!” Gu Yu said.

“Divine Physician, is this true” Jiang Ying was surprised.

The emperors food was placed on the table.

Whether he ate it or not, in order to ensure that the food was fresh, it would be changed three times a day.

Gu Yu and Ning Yue had entered the palace at the right time when the food replacement hapepned.

Coincidentally, Gu Yu had eaten it and was poisoned.

All the servants of the emperor were suspicious!

The carriage quickly arrived at the palace.

Just as Gu Yu had expected, the palace was in a mess because the emperor had shown signs of illness again.

The Empress Dowager was about to send someone to invite Gu Yu over, but she did not expect him to come himself.

His expression was very bad.

Without even saying goodbye, he pulled Ning Yue into the emperors bedroom.

The imperial physicians inside had all been chased away by Gu Yu.

The imperial physicians had long heard that Gu Yu was a doctor with excellent medical skills and wanted to learn secretly.

Unexpectedly, the first thing Gu Yu did when he entered was chase them out.

The imperial physicians wanted to be angry, but they did not dare to flare up.

The Empress Dowager and the Empress waited anxiously outside, looking at the Emperors bedroom from time to time.

“Xiao Ying, tell Auntie, how did Divine Physician Gu know that the emperor was poisoned” The empress asked Jiang Ying.

Jiang Ying was about to say that the Empress Dowager was angry.

“Why do you still suspect that it was the divine doctor who poisoned him”

“Mother, thats not what I meant.

Its just that something has just happened to the emperor, and the divine doctor has already arrived.

This is too fast.

No matter what, this concerns the emperors safety.

Its not wrong to be cautious.”

The Empresss brows furrowed tightly.

In the past, she had gotten along well with the Empress Dowager.

However, every time the Emperor was involved, the Empress Dowager seemed to become a different person.

She understood very well that the Empress Dowager wanted to protect her son, but she couldnt point the gun at her every time, right

“Let me tell you, anyone, including me, might have poisoned the Emperor.

Only the divine doctor wouldnt do it!” The Empress Dowager said.

The Empresss frown deepened.

Why did the Empress Dowager trust the divine doctor so much

“There are some things you dont understand, and theres no need to understand.

Just continuing being the Empress.” With that, the Empress Dowager ignored the Empress.

Hearing their conversation, Jiang Ying explained to the Empress, “Your Highness, its because the divine physician took the pastries from the palace when he left.

In the end, he was poisoned after eating them, so he entered the palace immediately.”

“Its the pastry that was placed in the emperors palace” The Empress stood up in shock.

“Thats right.

Its those pastries.

Perhaps we can let the imperial physicians see if theres poison on them now,” Jiang Ying said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Empress Dowager snorted.

“Those imperial physicians are all trash.

They cant figure it out at all.”

Thinking about it, the food was only served to the emperors table after being tested by the imperial physicians and the eunuchs.

In other words, the first two checkpoints were passed.

It was a problem with the distance between the road and the table.

When the Empress heard this, her expression changed.

This meant that there was something wrong with the emperor or someone close to her.

Ever since she discovered that the few princes were plotting a rebellion, the emperors and her palace maids and eunuchs were changed.

She had personally chosen these people.

If anything went wrong, she had to take responsibility!

“Empress, investigate this matter thoroughly! If anything happens to the emperor, dont blame me for being rude!” The Empress Dowager was so angry that she ordered.

At this moment, Gu Yu and Ning Yue walked out with exhausted expressions.

When Jiang Ying saw that Ning Yue was not in good spirits, his heart ached.

He couldnt help but ask, “Ning Yue, are you alright”

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