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“Xiaobao, hurry up.

Call me Father too.” Jiang Chi squatted down and said to Xiaobao.

“Xiaochi! Why are you acting like a child too” Ning Yue glared at Jiang Chi.

Jiang Chi looked at Ning Yue with an aggrieved expression.

“I am a child.”

Ning Yue was about to say something when she was interrupted by Madam He.

“Let me hear.

Xiaobei knows how to speak, right”

As soon as she entered, Madam He saw Jiang Ying hugging Xiaobei happily.

She walked closer and teased her.

“Xiaobei, be good.

Call me Grandma.”

Xiaobei smiled even more happily and called out again, “Father!”

After Xiaobei called out, everyone except Jiang Ying fell silent.

Madam He looked at Xiaobei in shock, then at Jiang Ying.

Xiaobei had just called for his father, and Jiang Ying was still smiling so happily.

For a moment, she didnt know what to say.

Ning Yue gritted her teeth and stepped forward to snatch Xiaobei away.

“Young Master Jiang, my family is about to eat.

You can go back first.”

Without waiting for Jiang Yings reaction, Ning Yue hugged Xiaobao with her other hand and left.

“Young Master Jiang, Im going to cook.

You can go back first.” With that, Madam He left.

Jiang Ying rubbed his nose.

Why did he feel that he was no longer welcome because his daughter had addressed him as her father

Forget it.

The future was long.

He could slowly make Ning Yue accept him.

Jiang Ying had planned to leave with Jiang Chi, but Jiang Chi refused.

“Youre the one whos not welcome, not me.

Im still a child.

I wont leave.”


With that, Jiang Chi skipped away.

Seeing this, Erlang followed.

Jiang Ying looked at the empty courtyard again and sighed.

Alright, he would leave first.

He would come back later.

Ning Yue returned to her room and looked at Xiaobei.

“Call me Mom.”

“Father!” Xiaobei called out happily.

Ning Yue wanted to cry.

“Call me Mother! Mother!”

“Father, Father.” Xiaobao smiled again.


Ning Yue was defeated.

“Its been so difficult for me to take care of you.

Xiaobei, the first time you spoke, you didnt call me Mom.

Could you call for your father”

“Your father has never taught you guys much!” Ning Yue said.


At this moment, there was the sound of something falling to the ground.

Before Ning Yue could come back to her senses, Madam He hurriedly opened the door.

She looked at Ning Yue in shock.

“Yueyue, is Young Master Jiang the father of the two children” Madam He asked.

What Ning Yue had said just now seemed to mean exactly that.

“Mother.” Ning Yue placed Xiaobao and Xiaobei on the bed and pulled Madam He in to sit by the bed.

“Yes, the children are indeed Jiang Yings.

He and I only found out recently,” Ning Yue said.

“Really” Madam He was very surprised.

Young Master Jiangs identity was not simple.

Had Ning Yue known Jiang Ying since she was in the Generals residence

“This Young Master Jiang looks like a gentleman.

I didnt expect him to be so despicable and irresponsible!” Madam He said angrily.

Ning Yue pulled Madam He back.

“Mother, its not like that.

Something happened.

Neither of us were willing.”

Ning Yue told Madam He about Jiang Yings identity and what had happened between the two of them.

Madam Hes mouth fell open in shock.

The impact was too great.

The biological father of the two children was actually Prince Jiang.

“Yueyue, what exactly is Prince Jiang thinking What are his plans for these two children” Madam He asked.

When she was in Laifu Village, she had seen Prince Jiang give the two children carriage after carriage of gifts.

It seemed that he had the two children in his heart.

Did this mean that he only wanted children and not Yueyue

“Mother, I want to take things one step at a time.

Can we not talk about this first I think this is good enough,” Ning Yue said.


“Mother! Dont forget what were doing in the capital.” Ning Yue interrupted Madam He.

It wasnt that she didnt want to tell Madam He, but she hadnt thought about how to deal with these problems.

“Alright, think about it yourself.

But you have to promise Mom that you wont lose out!” Madam He instructed.

Ning Yue nodded and didnt say anything else.

After Madam He left with the two children, Ning Yue took the clothes she had bought today to Gu Yus medicinal room.

“Master, Ive bought you a few sets of clothes.” Ning Yue knocked on the door.

However, after knocking for a long time, Gu Yu did not open the medicine door.

Only then did she realize that something was wrong.

The door was locked from the inside by Gu Yu.

She had no choice but to knock it open.

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