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“Is Divine Doctor Gu lying” The Empress Dowager asked angrily.

“Mother, thats not what I meant.

Im just saying that the palace is so heavily guarded.

I personally prepared everything the emperor ate and used.

No one else had the chance to do anything.”

At this point, the empress frowned.

The emperors health was deteriorating.

The food in his mouth had been carefully selected by her.

For the sake of the emperors health, she had even specially consulted the imperial physician to make medicinal cuisine.

The food he ate had been evaluated by the imperial physician.

After confirming that there was no problem, she made it.

How could he have been poisoned

The Empress and the Emperor could not figure it out.

While he was sitting on the bed thinking about it, the Empress and the Empress Dowager entered.

At this moment, Ning Yue and the others had already left the palace.

The carriage moved slowly.

Ning Yues emotions were complicated.

Along the way, the atmosphere was so silent that it was awkward.

Gu Yu spoke first.

“My dear disciple, do you blame me for hiding my identity”

“Master, you naturally have your reasons for not speaking.

Whats there to blame However, Im curious.

Whats the name of the acupuncture technique you used to treat the emperor today”

Hearing Ning Yues words, Gu Yus heart more or less relaxed.

“You want to learn the Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique Youll have to start from the strength of the acupuncture,” Gu Yu said.

After leaving the palace and returning to her residence, Ning Yue asked Uncle Su to ask the owner if he had any intention of selling the house.

The location of this house was especially good, and it was very spacious.

It would be good to leave it as a property.

Before long, Uncle Su brought the terms of the exchange.

The landlord could sell the house, but he had to ask Doctor Gu to treat his wife.

There was nothing wrong with the wife of the owner.

It was just that after giving birth to her youngest daughter, her emotions were not right.

When strangers got close, she would go crazy.

Ning Yue could roughly guess what the problem was, but she didnt make the decision on her own.

Instead, she asked Gu Yu for his opinion.

“Then lets help him take a look,” Gu Yu said.

The owner lived on the second floor of a shop on the street.

The environment here was noisy, and the soundproofing was not good.

When they went up to the second floor, they could still hear the shouting downstairs.

Seeing Ning Yue and Gu Yu arrive, the owner of the house immediately stood up to welcome them.

“Doctor Gu, Im really sorry for your visit.

I should have been the one to pick you up, but as soon as my wife leaves, shell go crazy, so…”

“Its fine.

Wheres the patient” Gu Yu glanced around.

The environment here wasnt particularly bad, but it wasnt very good either.

How was this suitable for the patients recovery

“This way, please.” The owner led them to his wifes room.

Compared to the environment outside, this room was worlds apart.

The environment here was especially good.

All the furniture had been wiped clean of dust.

On the bed sat a woman dressed very cleanly.

The woman was hugging a pillow and looking out of the window in a daze.

When Gu Yu saw the patient, he was in no hurry to step forward.

Instead, he glanced at Ning Yue.

Ning Yue immediately understood what Gu Yu meant.

He was a man, and it was not convenient for him to approach a woman directly.

She would go forward and communicate with the woman.

“Doctor Gu, this is…” Seeing Ning Yue step forward, the owner asked worriedly.

“This is my disciple.

When did the patient fall ill How long has he been ill” Gu Yu asked.

“Shes been like this since she gave birth to our youngest daughter five years ago.

She always said that our youngest daughter isnt our child.

Our child should be a son.”

At the mention of this, Li Lian couldnt help but sigh.

He was the only boy in his generation.

His wife had always wanted to give birth to a son for him.

However, after giving birth to five daughters in a row, she finally got pregnant with her sixth child.

When she was pregnant, everyone said that it was a boy.

Liang Li also thought that it was a boy.

Who knew that she would give birth to a daughter For a moment, Liang Li could not accept it.

She went crazy and became like this.

She wasnt going crazy every moment.

She would go crazy when Li Lian wasnt there or when there were strangers around.

She would say that strangers had taken her son.

Sometimes, she would even be depressed and cry alone.

Li Lian couldnt comfort her either.

Ning Yue slowed down.

When Li Lian finished explaining Liang Lis situation, she also walked up to her.

At first, Liang Li looked at Ning Yue warily.

Ning Yue gave a perfect smile.

It was very surprising.

When Ning Yue approached Liang Li, other than the initial vigilance, she no longer made any other moves.

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