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“Imperial Brother, you…”

“Shut up.

I dont have a brother of your status.

Since youre awake, Ill leave.” With that, Gu Yu pulled Ning Yue away.

“Wait.” The emperor stopped the two of them.

“Your disciple is the daughter of the Zhenbei General, Ning Feng.”

“So what if she is So what if shes not” Gu Yu retorted.

“I once gave an imperial edict to the Zhenbei Generals residence and Prince Jins residence.

However, Jiang Yings health wasnt good and that edict hasnt been carried out yet.”

“Since shes your disciple, she should have received your teachings.

Isnt it just right for her to marry into Prince Jins residence” the emperor asked.

Gu Yu jumped to the emperors side in anger.

He pulled the emperors hair and cursed, “If you dare to have any designs on my disciple again, Ill poison you to death with a packet of medicinal powder!”


Just as Gu Yu was thinking about what poison to use, he suddenly stopped tugging at the emperors hair.

He looked at Ning Yue, then at the emperor.

It seemed that there was an unclear connection between his little disciple and Jiang Ying.

Moreover, those two children were Jiang Yings.

He couldnt decide for Ning Yue on his own.

“Imperial Brother, how do you know that these two are not interested in each other” The emperor asked.

“Ill spit in your face.

What has it got to do with you whether these two are interesting or not You must be too free.

The emperor doesnt want to be the matchmaker.”

“Dont even think about it.

Let me tell you, as long as Im alive, no one can force Ning Yue! Not even you.

Ill cut off your imperial edict later.”

The emperor looked at Gu Yu speechlessly.

Every time his brother saw him, he would pull his hair and curse at him.

As the emperor, he had no authority at all.


But so what That was his biological brother.

He couldnt kill him without any prestige, right

“Imperial Brother, calm down.

How is my health now” The emperor finally changed the topic.

When Ning Yue heard this, she came back to her senses.

Most of the poison in the emperors body had been cleared, leaving only a small portion.

This was not a big problem for Gu Yu.

“What exactly is wrong with you How could you eat my poison” Gu Yu asked angrily.

“Ive been keeping the packet of poison you gave me.

I didnt touch it at all.

Apart from me, no one else knows about this.

I was poisoned after drinking the tea sent over by the empress.”

“Alright, thats your family matter.

I cant be bothered to say anything more to you.

Theres no antidote for that thing.

I helped you get the poison out just now, but theres still some poison in your body that hasnt been cleaned up.

Ill prescribe some medicine for you.

You can handle the rest yourself.” With that, Gu Yu pulled Ning Yue out.

When she walked out of the bedroom, Ning Yue realized that another woman in a phoenix robe had arrived.

This person should be the Empress Dowager.

“Miracle Doctor, youre here.” The Empress Dowager greeted Gu Yu with a smile.

After greeting Gu Yu, the Empress Dowagers gaze fell on Ning Yue.

Ning Yue greeted the Empress Dowager.

No matter what her status was, the Empress Dowager was still an elder.

It was only right for her to bow to an elder.

The Empress Dowager nodded in satisfaction.

She took off a token and placed it in Ning Yues hand.

The Empress Dowager knew that Ning Yues two children were her great-grandchildren.

This token was just a very small gift, but she couldnt tell Ning Yue directly.

“I liked you very much the moment I saw you.

Take this token.

If I think of you, Ill invite you to come in anytime.”

Ning Yue was stunned.

The use of this token sounded very important.

She didnt know whether to accept it or reject it.

Gu Yu didnt stop her.

He turned to Jiang Ying and said, “Lets go.

The emperors poison has been cured.

All thats left is to take some medicine.”

Gu Yu didnt care what effect his words would have.

He pulled Ning Yue out.

When the Empress Dowager heard Gu Yus words, she frowned and turned to look at the Empress.

“Why was the Emperor poisoned”

The empress was shocked.

“Mother, I dont know.

Didnt the emperor fall unconscious because he was ill”

She was also very puzzled.

He was clearly just sick.

Why had he been poisoned by Gu Yu When had he been poisoned

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