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“How obedient.

I heard that Miracle Doctor Gu and Little Miracle Doctor Ning are here, so I came to take a look.”

As she spoke, the Empress Dowager kept looking towards the bedroom.

“Are they inside Are the three of you the only ones here in the palace”

Jiang Ying knew what the Empress Dowager wanted to say.

She probably wanted to see the two children.


He could hide this from anyone, but not his parents and grandmother.

He had already gotten someone to send the news to his grandmother before he entered the palace.

“Yes, Imperial Grandmother.”

Hearing that her two great-grandchildren had not arrived, the Empress Dowager looked disappointed.

Gu Yu and Ning Yue, who were in the bedroom, did not know that another important figure had arrived.

They were focused on treating the emperor.

“Master, what do you think of the emperors illness” Ning Yue asked softly.

“Do you think this is an illness” Gu Yu asked.

Ning Yue shook her head.

“I think he was poisoned, but Im not sure.”

“Whats there to be uncertain about Look at the base of his nails.

Theres a hint of black and blue.

Its obvious that hes been poisoned.

I dont believe those imperial physicians havent discovered this.

They just dont dare to treat him.” Gu Yu snorted.

“Master, dont be angry.

Do you know what poison the emperor was poisoned with” Ning Yue asked.

“I have a guess.

The details will have to be examined first.” As he spoke, Gu Yu placed his hand on the emperors wrist.

This time, it took longer to take his pulse.

Gu Yus forehead was covered in sweat.

After a long time, Gu Yu opened his eyes and looked at the emperor with a complicated expression.

“Master, whats wrong” Ning Yue asked.

Gu Yu sighed.

“I was the one who developed the poison the emperor was poisoned with.

Ive only given this to one person.

Now that it was used on the emperor, it means that the situation in the palace is about to change.”

What Hearing Gu Yus words, Ning Yues eyes widened in disbelief.

“Master, do you know what this means”

“I know.

Isnt it just a rebellion” Gu Yu said indifferently.

“If I didnt say anything, who would know that I was the one who developed that thing Besides, if I really wanted to rebel, why would I enter the palace to treat him”

With that, Gu Yu took out a few silver needles and inserted them into a few acupuncture points on the emperors head.

After a while, the emperor suddenly coughed and spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Seeing this, Ning Yue hurriedly stepped forward to support the emperor, leaning him gently against the bed.

“Emperor, please have some water.” Ning Yue took the water and fed the emperor some.

Seeing Ning Yue and Gu Yu, the emperor didnt seem surprised at all.

“Although my eyes are closed, my mind is very clear.

I know all about your conversation.”

Ning Yue, who was about to put down her cup, paused for a moment.

If the emperor heard this, would he kill them

“So what if you did” Doctor Gu looked at the emperor mockingly.

“If I wanted to, you would have died in my hands long ago.

Why would I let you live until now”

Ning Yue frowned.

She knew her masters personality, but her master rarely spoke to others in such a tone and attitude.


Ning Yue realized that her masters conversation with the emperor sounded a little aggrieved.

Could it be that there was something between the emperor and his master

“Imperial Brother, its been so many years, but youre still the same.

I know that Father misunderstood you back then.

Before he died, Father said that he would hand the throne to you, but you…”


“Dont mention the past to me again.

My name is Gu Yu, and Im the Valley Master of the Divine Medicine Valley.

This is my disciple, Ning Yue.

Shes the successor of my Divine Medicine Valley,” Gu Yu said.

When the emperor heard this, he sighed heavily.

It had been so many years, but his brothers resentment was still as deep as ever.

When Ning Yue heard this conversation, she was so shocked that her eyes almost popped out.

Ning Yue looked at Gu Yu in surprise.

Her master was actually the son of the previous emperor.

Moreover, the former emperor had once wanted to pass the throne to his master, but his master had refused.

Oh my god, was her master so powerful

“If you continue staring, Ill dig your eyes out!” The emperor seemed to be displeased with Ning Yues gaze and roared.

Gu Yu snorted and stood in front of Ning Yue.

“If youre angry, vent it on me.

Whats the point of taking revenge on my disciple”

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