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Hehe back again~

..he was lost in his thoughts as the red traffic light turned on, he didnt stop he was to lost and kept driving ...but his path wasnt clear a huge white truck was coming from the opposite side at a fast speed... towards Suhos car.... the tragedy seconds away but before Suho could even come to his consciousness..... His phone bell rang as someone called him, he was clicked back to reality, as he flinched to finally notice he was about to.. Crash in a truck he grabbed the staring wheel and quickly turned it to the right hitting the break as he drifted to the right side almost about to hit in a tree.. But he was saved.. He stoped the car just in time before anything bad happened as the truck drove past. He automatically rested his back on the seat breathing heavily..

"what the hell did just happen..!" he said with widened eyes terrified as his heart beated fastly.. "Woah! Wahhh!!, I just survived near death?!" He said pointing at him self talking to him self. "YAH! SUHO U PATHETIC ASS EVEN DETAH HATES U!? WAHH" he said yelling at him self still in shook forgeting about the call and clapped his hands proud that he survived.

The person called again.

The starting of instrumental mafia in the morning - itzy, played as his ring tone. As he picked up the phone and started to sing and looked at the Caller ID it was,

"aww my lovely sister misses me after I almost died?" Suho said. He lightly scoffed-chuckled "who wouldent?!" he looked in the rear mirror, "I am smexy, and handsome" he said to him self and fixed his hair in the rear mirror supposedly doing a hair flip.

*As he picked up the call*

"Yah you self obsessed ass come get ussssssssss from schooll~~" hae Hyun said loudly but annoyingly - desperate.

"how did u know I was complimenting my perfect self..?, after I almost died." Suho asked and said as he started to drive after being a self obsessed ass. *heh*

"d d diedd!?" Hae hyung said in shocked raising her voice. "Oppa what happened!?, did someone hurt you?, you should die! Why are you alive??, eh, I don care just come get us!!!!" Hae hyun whined.

"Hawwww, you selfish ass I am coming why thoo ur school ends at like 2pm its like 11 something.." Suho said as he twisted the key as he finally started driving the car after a good moments of self love, while talking to his sister on call he put the phone on speaker and put it front in the phone handel placed infront left side of the staring wheel.

"Oppa" hae Hyun said being serious. "Just come before I chop your head off okay and skin you alive!" Hae Hyun said threatening her brother after watching all those torturing action movies and series heheh~

"no noo" Han said from the back, "its better to make some profit hae hyun listen to you elder here you should sell him off as one whole, orrr chop him in pieces opening him up and selling his organs separate it makes more money anddd we all be helping the ones who need an organ tranceplant and we are getting rid of garabage" Han said proving her hate yet love for her brother once again being honest with her opinion.

Suho was disgusted...."Yah... You phychos.... Go get a life don run after mine ehh-" Suho said as he immediately ended the call before the others could say anything.

(I bet this is relatable to some people with siblings if no then are u adopted?!?)

When Suho reached the school he opened his car door and grabbed the keys and his phone and stepped out closing the door and locked the car.

As he walked through the halls of this unspritualy, selfish, self absurd school that always gives him a bad vibe.

He casually walked and walked finding a really less number of students around the halls as he walked he heard a few things a few things that pissed him off..

One girl spoke up to her mate, "Yo! Did you hear-....


That was it for this chapter hope u enjoyed it ik I have like over 7 school chapter but what can I do lifes long! Hmph!! I can wait to upload more tbh hope u guys like this chapter pleasee votee and comment it really motivates mee~~

Yours, Author-Nim

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