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Chapter 9: Throw Herself at Chu Ling

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“After a close fight, we are down to 30 contestants. Each team has now selected seven contestants. The two remaining participants might end up eliminated.”

“Now you have the chance to convince the instructors to change their minds using your talent. Sadly, you will have to leave the show if none of the instructors pick you.”

“The last two contestants are Little Stone and Little Dream.”

Little Dream stood up. His real name was Meng Shaoheng.

Since the film crew did not want any decisions to be made on the grounds of looks, no one was allowed to share their real name. All the contestants had to come up with a nickname to be used throughout the show.

Shi Jin only remembered this when she stood on set.

She also recalled that none of the instructors wanted the last two contestants.

Each team already had seven contestants that could be sent to compete with the other teams. If there were more team members, it was harder for the instructor to come up with a battle plan. Each team member would also have fewer opportunities to compete and perform.

In other words, everyone fought it out until the top three winners were born. However, each team had to work together to get there, so no one wanted a lousy team member.

The last two contestants were at the bottom of the 30 left.

Sure enough, the instructors needed more time to decide after Meng Shaoheng finished his performance.

“Shi Jin, its your turn.” Deng Yufei elbowed Shi Jins arm.

Shi Jin finally recalled she was Little Stone. She almost forgot about the nickname.

Deng Yufei assumed Shi Jins performance was still as inconsistent as before, so she encouraged her kindly, “Just act cute to Chu Ling when you perform. Im sure he will pick you if you do it. Didnt you write a love letter for him Take the chance to give it to him.”

The moment she did that, Fu Xiuyuan would get angry, and Chu Lings fans would scold her like crazy.

Shi Jin recalled she did exactly that in her past life. Even though she could have used her talent, she took the chance to give Chu Ling a love letter in the hope that he would take notice of her and come back to her.

Fu Xiuyuan flew into a rage after he learned of her actions. Also, Chu Lings fans made her public enemy number one and would stay with Shi Jin for the rest of her life.

The camera followed Shi Jin when she stood up.

Shi Jin barely had any airtime during the last few episodes. She had joined the show because of Chu Ling. However, she wanted to rid herself of Fu Xiuyuan, so she often dressed inappropriately.

This time, she was dressed minimalistically in her usual style. Her limbs looked long, and her ankles were surprisingly fair and beautiful.

The cameraman followed her closely and did not want to let go of any good content.

“Little Stone, are you going to sing or submit a song”

Chu Ling sounded exceptionally warm and polite on screen.

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There were two options for the participants. They could either perform or submit their original songs to the instructors to get their votes.

Most decent singer-songwriters were good singers, and their voices only varied in tonal quality.

Shi Jin smiled confidently. “I want to submit a song.”


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