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Chapter 26: Use His Popularity

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“Not anymore.” Fu Xiuyuan stopped Song Fan from entering the villa.

Song Fan did not oppose his orders and turned to leave.

Fu Xiuyuan walked over gently and saw that the girl was still on the couch. She had merely adjusted herself to make herself comfier. The moment she saw him, she raised her head and smiled.

Her eyes looked bright and starry as she smiled at him.

After checking several times, he was finally certain that he was not mistaken. He was not dreaming either. Shi Jin genuinely was at home. She was obediently waiting for him to come back.

Fu Xiuyuan felt so touched that his heart brimmed with contentment. It felt as though something was scratching it and making it feel tingly.

“Fu Xiuyuan, youre back!” Shi Jin handed the glass of juice to him. “I was waiting for you to come back for dinner. Im famished.”

“Ill come home earlier in the future.” Fu Xiuyuan took the juice and held the cup so tightly that his fingertips turned white before they flushed red.

After some time, he put down the glass and reached his hand to Shi Jins ear, and pushed some stray hair behind it.

Shi Jin smiled as she gazed at him. Fu Xiuyuan could see his reflection in her eyes. In just a minute, he had already decided which kindergarten to send their second child.


Chu Ling kept waiting but Shi Jin did not turn up.

Since he could not lower himself to contact Shi Jin, he told his talent agent to call Deng Yufei.

Deng Yufei was planning on taking the new song from Shi Jin today. Initially, she intended to show up after she had apologized to Chu Ling, but she immediately went over when Chu Ling called.

“Ling, isnt Shi Jin here yet” Deng Yufei found this odd. Considering how much Shi Jin liked Chu Ling, how could she be late

Unless Fu Xiuyuan had stopped Shi Jin from leaving the villa.

“Ill ask her.” Deng Yufei pulled out her phone.

Shi Jin neither answered the phone nor replied to her text messages.

There was no way Deng Yufei could get a hold of Shi Jin.

Chu Ling was a busy man. After he wasted so much time waiting for Shi Jin, she had stood him up. He was instantly pissed. “Feifei, are you sure it was Shi Jins idea to see me”

“It was definitely her idea.” Deng Yufei detected something from the look in his eyes. “Do you think I wanted to see you so that I could rub off your fame”

Lights flashed and the sound of snapping could be heard the moment she finished her sentence.

Deng Yufei and Chu Ling both hurriedly raised their hands and covered their faces.

“Theres paparazzi.” Chu Lings agent instantly realized what was going on, so he rushed over to protect Chu Ling.

Deng Yufei was shocked too. “How could this happen No one knew about the meeting!”

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Would Chu Lings agent believe her She glared at Deng Yufei angrily before she helped Chu Ling leave.

Deng Yufei explained anxiously, “Ling, Lai, I really didnt intend on using you!”

Chu Ling looked angry after he walked out.

Chu Lings talent agent, Hu Lai, said hurriedly, “I really didnt expect Deng Yufei to resort to this! I will talk to the paparazzi and buy those pictures.”

Chu Ling looked furious as he put on his mask and shades carefully.

It was one thing if Shi Jin did not show up, but how could Deng Yufei attempt to rub off his popularity

Hu Lai said, “Ling, you have already helped Deng Yufei a lot, so its no problem for her to work in the music industry. I think you should keep a distance from her now.”

Deng Yufei was just Chu Lings cousin, so she was unable to help Chu Ling with his popularity and there was nothing else they could exploit from her. To a certain degree, she was not as useful to Chu Ling as Shi Jin was.


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